7th Grade Language Arts

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Merrimack Valley Middle School


SPELLING BEE on Tuesday, January 15th!

A huge congratulations to the Bobcat finalists:

Kiarra Blankenship

Aidan York

Hayden Huson

Jeremiah Dashnaw

Mikey Andosca

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CUrrent Unit:

The Giver is a classic novel written by Lois Lowry. This story follows Jonas, a 12-year-old whose world is not all that it seems. During this unit, we explore the theme of perfection, utopias, identity and choice.

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Mrs. Malone - Math

Mr. Irving - Science

Mrs. John - Social Studies

Mr. Kleckner - Case Manager/ Math & L.A.

Ms. Stack - Language Arts

Mrs. Puntin - Advanced Math

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Period 2: Language Arts

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Period 4: Language Arts

Period 5: Prep

Period 6: Language Arts

Period 7: Language Arts

Period 8: Pride Block

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