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Kindergarten is awesome! This is such a critical age for students. This is when they are learning how to write, read, get along with others and develop school attendance patterns.

Is good attendance in kindergarten really that important?

YES IT IS!!! Kindergarten is critical for future learning. Your child will be learning important skills that will “set the course” for his or her school success!

Just look at these facts:

Ability to learn – children who are absent too much (more than 10% of the time, or 18 days in a full school year) do less well in first grade. For some groups the difference is even greater. The graph shows how children who miss 10% or more school days perform much more poorly in Reading, Math, and General Knowledge.

Fact: One in ten kindergarten and 1st grade students miss a month of school during the school year when all their absences are added up. That is critical learning being missed. Children who do not learn the building blocks and basic skills in the early grades must work much harder to stay afloat as they go on. Many never catch up.

Fact: Chronic absence is the single strongest predictor of dropping out of school before graduation. Students who drop out of school are much more likely to be poor, unemployed, have substance abuse problems, be teen parents, and be involved with the law.

Students who miss school miss a lot. They miss the social experiences and connecting that other children are having – lessons and relationships that help with fitting in and succeeding in school and life.

Missing school is stressful for children since they must learn what they missed, and also what is being taught that day. It can put them in an academic hole that they cannot climb out of.

Don’t let this happen to your child!

First Grade

Second Step is taught in three week intervals throughout the school year. This gives the students an opportunity to learn the skills, put them into practice and then learn some more.

First graders just finished their lessons on feeling identification. They had pictures and activities to bring home to their families. Check out the Sesame Street video on feelings. Helping children identify the feelings of themselves and others goes along way in helping create a great learning community.

Second Grade

Kelso's Choices are taught in three week intervals throughout the school year. Students will have an opportunity to learn the problem solving skills, role play or practice them and combine those skills with the Second Step curriculum.


2nd Graders just finished their 3 week rotation learning about feelings, cause and effect and fairness.

Third Grade

Third Grade is a pivotal year for students. Curriculum jumps up as the students are also preparing for the State test. Friendships start to change. They will be learning about Second Step at the Third Grade level, Kelso's choices and the Zones of Regulation that helps with social emotional regulation. These lessons will also be taught in three week intervals throughout the year.

Fourth Grade

Counseling lessons in Fourth Grade happen every other week up until State testing starts. During these lessons, there will be a review of what was taught in K, 1,2 and 3rd grade. There will also be community and climate building activities along with Bullying Prevention lessons and activities.


Fourth Graders are learning about the 4 different types of bullying. Ask them about it!

Cyberbullying, Physical, Verbal, Social/Emotional

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders will get C.A.R.E. fair, Career/Hobby fair and class lessons. We will be sending information home asking for volunteers for one of the events shortly after school starts.

5th Graders just came back from Mountain School! What an amazing learning experience!

We are getting ready to do our first Career/Hobby Fair and we need your help! Please see the attached letter.

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5th Graders are preparing for the Career Fair on November 9th.

Career Fair was a huge success! Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that supported this great project!


Every week students will have lunch with the school counselor. Each grade level will have students participate so that by the end of the year every student will have a chance to team build during lunch time. The students will still get their lunch recess and will make new friends along the way.

Highly Capable

Jefferson is proud to have the districts Hi Cap program. Our two teachers for 4th and 5th grade are amazing at meeting the students academic needs. They also use a growth mind set curriculum. The counselor's focus is very specific to hi cap students needs during class lessons.


Jefferson is home of the Districts EBD (Emotianal Behavioral Disability) program. There are two classrooms that can accommodate eight students each with two paraprofessionals and one special education teacher. The focus in on helping the student with social skills, emotional regulation and academics. Students transition out of the classroom as needed and enter by the special education process.


The Intermediate Quest classroom will be part of the Career Fair on Friday, November 9th.

Giving Tree

This is a monthly drive for the school to collect needed items for our students. Every month has a different focus. We will accept any of these at any time.

September/School Supplies When you pick up supplies pick up one extra item. It makes a difference.

October/Socks, coats, jackets Has your student outgrown their coat? Bring it in.

November/non perishable food When you're grocery shopping, pick up an extra can of veggies. It could help out your students classmate.

December/ hats, mittens It's winter, it gets cold, kids go outside.

January/hygiene and dental Being clean is part of good health.

February/sweat pants Students fall down on the playground and get muddy, forgot it was PE day or have other accidents.

March/school supplies The pencils they had at the beginning of the year are little nubbins.

April/food, dog and cat food too Families that need food sometimes have pets that need food. Woof!

May/books We want students to continue to read over the summer.

June/field trip donations Let's give all our kids a chance to go on an adventure!


The school districts goal is 100% graduation. This can be supported by being at school. Jefferson's average attendance is in the low 90%. As a state, Washington is ranked 47 our of 50 in best to worst attendance. We are in the bottom 3! We will be working with students and parents on increasing this number. Your students will be attending assemblies, having class motivation activities, phone calls, letters and meetings will also be occurring to assist our students in getting to school.

Bike Club

Let's get riding! Every Spring the counselor leads any 3-5 grade student on bike rides from Jefferson Elementary. Students do need to have a working bike and helmet to participate. Permission slips will be available in the office, on this site and handed out in class starting after Spring Break.

School Counseling

A school counselor works to support students academically, socially and emotionally. This is done by providing classroom lessons, meeting with students individually, meeting with groups of students, partnering with parents and being part of the education team.

Jefferson's School Counselor

Mrs. Heidi Hixson is the School Counselor at Jefferson Elementary. She can be reached at 428-6128 ext. 22005. Her email is