English 12B Research

Start by visiting the EbscoHost website

EbscoHost is provided by the State of Indiana. If you are not accessing inside the school, you may need to login. Please see your librarian to get the user name and password.

Set your date range

If you have chosen to do a Holocaust topic for your research paper, you do not need to set a date range. If you choose one of the other topics, you need to set your date for the last 5 years.

Enter your keywords using search strategies

Before taking valuable time to look at documents, please look at the date, page count and Lexile (if available. If those match your needs, then select either HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text.

If both are available, please choose PDF Full Text.

Print PDF Documents

Print two items: Top right of document prints the PDF document and the side bar prints the Works Cited.

Print HTML Documents

Print one item: printer icon on the right side of the document prints both the HTML document and the Works Cited.

Saving Files to Google Drive

If you are searching EbscoHost on a Chromebook, you will need to save your articles in order to be printed later.

Change the Destination to "Save to Google Drive" and then click "Save."