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The Mascoma Valley Regional School District has a transportation contract with Butler Bus Service, Inc. that requires Butler to transport all the District’s students to and from school on routes established by the District.

Currently, Butler does not have enough bus drivers to cover two (2) routes in the District. Butler is training new drivers who should be available by the beginning of October to cover those routes.

Until Butler has the new drivers trained and can cover all the routes, the District will need to combine the routes for M5 and M15. There may also be changes to the driver for M1 as a temporary driver is found.

The District realizes that the driver shortage has a negative impact on the families served by those routes and also impacts other families when routes need to be doubled up. The District is working with Butler to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, Districts throughout New Hampshire are dealing with school bus driver shortages. In recognition of the shortage of school bus drivers throughout the State, the New Hampshire Legislature enacted RSA 189:6-d effective June 25, 2018 that establishes a commission to study the shortage of school bus drivers. The commission must by November 1, 2018 report to the Legislature its findings including proposing legislation to alleviate the shortage.

Thank you for your patience.

Amanda Isabelle

Interim Superintendent Mascoma Valley Regional School District

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