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Mascoma Valley Regional School District

Goals 2018-2019

School Board Overarching Goal

Develop a clear and concise 5 year strategic plan and a formal mechanism for annual review of the plan with input from each of the School Board sub-committees.

Facilities Goals- Finance and Facilities Committee

1) Enhance the safety and security of all facilities and the safety of students and staff at all venues.

2) Maintain and review comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plans for all buildings and athletic facilities to maintain them at a high standard.

3) Maintain, update and fund the capital improvement plan.

Education Goals- Educational Issues Committee

1) Review and enhance (SEL) Social Emotional Learning curriculum and practices across all grade levels to support student learning and health.

2) Support the staff and programming to make gains in the competency rate at all grade levels as measured by local and state mandated assessments.

3) Partner with the community to expand & develop appropriate online safety and security practices for students and guardians at all grade levels.

4) Embed public speaking and STEM experiences across the curricula.

Personnel-Personnel and Negotiations Committee

1) Recruit and retain high quality staff for all positions.

2) Support high quality staff development for all staff to improve student achievement.

3) Negotiate a fair contract with the Mascoma Valley Regional Support Staff that will be approved by the voters.

Communications – Communications Committee

1) Continue to build engagement for the Mascoma Valley Regional School District through a variety of positive communications.

2) Clear, timely, proactive, communication of the Mascoma Valley Regional School Budget.

3) Showcase student achievements and community involvement.

Co-Curricular Committee

1) Review and revise credit bearing opportunities for co-curricular activities.

2) Implement a comprehensive training program for coaches and co-curricular advisors to include social emotional learning, first aid, academic expectations, and neglect and abuse reporting.

3) Expand non-tax revenue methods for increasing access to co-curricular activities for all students.