AUP Warning: Students and staff using MVRSD accounts, devices, network, and other technical resources must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy and other guidelines as provided each school year.   Use of District Technical Resources is designed for educational purposes only.  Failure to follow the procedures outlined in the AUP may result in suspension or loss of the right to access these resources and/or other disciplinary and/or legal actions.  The user consents through the use of technical resources not to hold MVRSD or its personnel responsible and/or legally liable for materials distributed or acquired from the Internet or network.  It is the responsibility of all users to report misuse of the technical resources to a teacher, administrator, or the IT personnel.


EGAG - MVRSD Network-Internet Acceptable Use.pdf
EGAG-R - MVRSD Network-Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines 5-12.pdf
JICL - School District Internet Access for Students.pdf
EHAA - Computer Security, E-Mail and Internet Communications Policy.pdf
JICJ - Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices in School.pdf
KDC - Website Publishing.pdf
IJMC-G - Library and School Copyright Policy.pdf

G Suite Acceptable Use Policy


2017 Digital Computing Device Care and Use Guide.pdf