2nd Grade Art

Second graders continued to develop skills and learn new techniques to become more versatile artists. Students had gotten a deeper understanding of how art works by exploring the Elements of Art and Principles of Design; in doing so, students built upon their skills using a variety of compositions (balance, space, and unity). While exploring the color theory of warm and cool colors, students strengthened their drawing skills and painting skills by designing a balanced composition of leaves that illuminate our walls for their Warm and Cool Leaf Paintings. Next, our students broadened their design skills further by demonstrating their knowledge of balance and symmetry. Students played with shapes, sizes, and colors to create fun and whimsical Symmetry Butterflies. Finally, our Second Graders explored the puzzling artworks of M.C. Escher. They created complex and mesmerizing patterns of shapes and colors for their playfully fun Tessellations!

Second graders had started the next quarter by creating two artworks inspired by the book ‘The Kissing Hand’. First, students had created hand drawings with hearts and designs that show contrasting colors. Then, students created clay slabs to trace the shape of their hand. Using clay techniques, students created their designs, and then add Under and Over Glazes to create beautiful works of art! Next, our Second Graders had applied math and art skills together to create Radial Designs. Using rulers, protractors, and templates of sectors, students had carefully created patterns of shapes, lines, and contrasting colors to create mesmerizing works of art!

2nd Grade Art (EVS) (2017-2018)