Measuring Lab Quiz THURSDAY! You can have your child practice measuring objects with a ruler at home!

Remind your child to bring their ruler to science class!

This week in Science . . .

Week of 10/14 - 10/17

Monday - Reflection Sheets, Time Practice(Homework if not complete)

Tuesday - Enter Time Practice Sheet into #03 on Google Classroom, Measuring Notes, Learn to read the metric side of a ruler, cm (centimeter) video, measuring in cm practice(Homework if not complete)

Wednesday - mm(millimeter) video, measuring in mm practice(Homework if not complete)

Thursday - Measuring Lab Quiz

Friday - NO SCHOOL - Enjoy!

Last Week in Science . . .

Week of 10/7 - 10/11

Monday - Billboards DUE, Temperature Lab, Temperature I have who has game, Finish up temperature practice packet

Tuesday - Work on Temperature Practice Packet, Temp Lab, HOT vs COLD Lab

Wednesday - Late Start, Temp Lab, Enter Temperature practice packet (assignment #02 in Google Classroom)

Thursday - Finish Temp Lab - Homework if not finished in class.

Friday - TEMPERATURE LAB DUE, Organize/Catch-up Day, Independent Enrichment Lab(if all work is caught up)


*Safety Contract (attached below) MUST be turned in to participate in labs.

*Planners should go home every evening.

Safety Contract

This must be signed and returned to participate in any science activities.

Safety Contract