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Q: What is Crew?

A: Crew is the sport of competitive rowing. We row in eight and four person shells (boats) with each person using one oar. Crew is also the process of learning to work as a team both on and off the water. Team unity is emphasized at our Friday night pre-race dinners and on Saturdays at the team tent. For more information on joining the team, please email

Q: What is an Erg?

A: An Erg is an ergometer, also know as a rowing machine. The team prepares for the competition season during Winter conditioning using ergs. The team continues to use the ergs for conditioning and refining rowing form throughout the competition season.

Q: What is the Crew schedule?

A: Crew is a spring sport with a winter conditioning program open to all Mount Vernon High School students. The conditioning program is designed to build endurance and practice rowing technique. Students not involved in a winter sport are encouraged to attend winter conditioning. The season usually begins at the end of February when the team gets on the water for practices, Monday through Friday. Regattas (races) are every Saturday, beginning the last Saturday of March and go through May.

Q: Where does Crew take place?

A: Winter conditioning will be held at the high school. Once the season begins, the team will row out of the Ft. Belvoir Marina to practice on the Potomac River. Local regattas are held in several locations including Sandy Run Regional Park, Anacostia, and Georgetown. The team may also travel outside the local area to compete in other regattas.

Q: What do you need to join Crew?

A: You need the desire to be part of a competitive team and a willingness to learn. We will teach you proper rowing technique - No Experience is necessary. You will need to pass a basic swim test (which we will schedule) and have a current physical on file at the school. We'll provide other necessary forms. Team members will also participate in various fund raising activities during the off-season.

Q: What does it cost to join Crew?

A: Because the team is not funded by the school or county, there is a fee to join crew. This helps pay for regatta entry fees, fuel, coaches, and equipment. This does not include the uniform which costs about $120.00. This year's fee is $500. The fees may be paid in installments with full payment due by the first day of the Spring season. There are a limited number of scholarships available. For information, see Coach Jaime, one of the other coaches or the MV Crew Booster President. In addition to the season fees, the team also could travel to Philadelphia for the Stotesbury Regatta. Fees for this trip will be determined at a later date.

Q: What parent involvement is required?

A: Because this team is not funded by the school or county, the team must generate our own funds through sponsorship, donations and fundraisers. We need parents to help raise these funds and sustain the team. For each rower, we need approximately 25 hours of service and fundraising help. Also, like every other rowing club, VASRA requires us to volunteer at regattas; if we are a "no show," they fine the team for that position. Please consider volunteering your time and reaching out to the Volunteer Coordinator for more information by emailing

Q: How do I get added to the Crew Team email list or Alumni Roster email list?

A: If you would like to receive Crew Team emails or are having issues with your email, please contact our Secretary by emailing

Q: What is your mailing address?

A: MV Crew Boosters, PO Box 205, Mt. Vernon VA 22121-0205

Crew Orientation Night Presentation 2017-18

Please scroll through this presentation for a general overview of Crew Orientation Night



VASRA Regatta Results - If you have Twitter, you can use the VASRA Twitter page to find up to date race results while you are at a regatta!

US Rowing Waiver Form - (Instructions on how to sign on-line)

Rowers and Parents - watch your email for instructions and the required code to sign the online US Rowing waiver form. Rowers under 18 will need their parent to fill out the waiver. The waiver must be completed before a rower can come to the marina for on the water practice.

Mount Vernon Participant Pledge The form must be completed before your before your child can come to the marina for practice.

MV Crew Accountability Form Please fill out this form and give it to a Crew Team Coach. Update the form if your plans change.

Mt. Vernon High School Forms This is a link to the forms that MVHS requires for athletic participation.

VHSL Physical Examination Form This is the form you need your physician to fill out. This form must be completed and placed on file at the Mount Vernon High School Athletics Department as soon as humanly possible.

Click here for Spanish version.

Emergency Care Please fill out this form and give a completed copy to a Crew Team Coach. This is required for participation in all MV Crew activities.

Rowing Fees This form explains how the payments can be taken care of.

Payment Plan This form must be filled out and turned in if you choose to use a payment plan for Rower Fees.


Crew Student Handbook This needs to be COMPLETELY filled out BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN and turned in

Regatta Survival Guide

Parent Volunteer Guidebook

Coxswain Calls

Coxswain Orientation Guide

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