About Us

MVHS Crew Boosters, Inc.

The Mount Vernon High School Crew Team Booster Board of Directors is the governing body of the team. In conjunction with the team coaches, the board sets priorities for fundraising, equipment purchases and policies. This is a voluntary organization staffed by current and former MV Crew Team parents. The Board meets on the third Thursday of the month at the high school. We welcome all interested parents.

The Mount Vernon High School Crew Team has three stages. Winter Conditioning begins three days a week, 3-5 in the afternoon. Novice and returning rowers work on their endurance and strength using ergometers (rowing machines), stretching and weights.

After winter break the team expands conditioning to five days per week. Once the season begins, usually mid-February, the team begins practice in rowing shells on water from the Fort Belvoir Marina.

Conditioning practice takes place at the high school. Practice on the water takes place at the Ft. Belvoir Marina. The team will announce the schedule for these practices as starting dates approach.