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MKMS announces READ 2021

MKMS has announced the second edition of READ.

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Responsible Adolescence (acronymed READ) is a structured co-curricular programme that helps adolescents to mature into more self-aware and socially responsible individuals.

READ 2021 offers 32 modules, approx 52 hours of learning.

  • The main programme, scheduled on weekends from September through December 2021, will have 24 modules of 90 minutes each.

  • The continuing programme for selected students (READ Plus), scheduled from December 2021 through July 2022 at about once a month, will have 8 modules of 120 minutes each.

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MKMS to launch Learning Law project

MKMS has proposed a centre for conflict avoidance, management and resolution to provide the business community and the larger society with a supportive environment for problem-solving.

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