Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons here at the Academy are one-on-one, private and personalized lessons with the same instructor for 30 minutes each week.

$100 per month, flat rate. No long term contracts required. Payments by card are automated for your convenience.

Students learn basic concepts of chords, scales, soloing, and music theory. You get to pick the songs that you want to learn.

We highly recommend The Bridge of Harmony for all your instrument supplies.

Come to your first lesson with your instrument. (All studios have amps to use during lesson times) Your teacher will inform you of any additional materials you will need based what songs and styles you want to learn.

Established students can join a band with students of similar skill and scheduling availability. The bands or ensembles perform at the annual Spring Jam and at various venues over the summer.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars differ from electric guitars in body shape & width. Acoustic guitars have a larger wider body with a sound hole located in the middle that projects the acoustic sound. No amplifier is required. Think 'campfire guitar' .

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have a thinner body containing "pick ups" that produce sound electronically through an exterior amplifier.

*whether you are playing electric or acoustic, all cords, scales, theory, & technique all have the same application. A G-chord is the same on both instruments.

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars differ from both electric & acoustic, in that they produce a much lower end sound (hence "Bass"). Most Bass Guitars have 4 strings and require an external amp; where as a standard guitar has 6 smaller strings.

*The bass guitar serves a different musical function in contrast to standard guitars in band settings

Education Styles & Methods

We recognize and encourage the uniqueness in each student. We make it our priority to get to know each student on a personal level to foster personal musical goals. A seven year old having their first guitar lessons will have very different desires than that of a fifty-seven year old taking up piano again after many years. The student's musical genres, styles, and preferences are appreciated and explored at the student's desire.

Each student receives a free Practice Makes Awesome notebook to keep notes of goals, lesson assignments, and most of all record the progress along the way! The Practice Makes Awesome notebook also provides students and parents an understanding of lesson-to-lesson expectations. Practice Points are rewarded for spending on Treasure Box Prizes and gift cards up to $150. Practice does pay! See our Newsletter Updates for recent winners!

Not only are students rewarded for practicing, we also reward for progress using the Musical Ladder program. Progress reviews are performed every three months, uniquely designed for each student to grow & strengthen where they are at. At every point is a certificate & wrist band specific to their level of achievement, and Trophies at significant milestones!

Miss a Lesson? MAKE-UP a Lesson!

When a handful of students miss their lessons, we post sign-up sheets in the lobby of the Academy to make-up lessons opportunities. Make-Up lessons are ONE HOUR group sessions held on a Saturday with a date & time posted by each individual instructor. Sign-Up on the sheet designated for your instructor by 12noon the Thursday PRIOR to the make-up lesson. This ensures that the instructors can be notified & fully prepared for the expected students. If you cannot attend the scheduled make-up session, you may sign up for the next available date.