Luftnachrichtenschule Halle

Introduction to the Hilfsblätter

In this section, the manuals for the technical training of Air Force and Army units in the communication is listed. The manuals are Arbeitsunterlagen für den nachrichtentechnischen Unterricht, documents for the communication traning, also called Hilfsblätter für den Unterricht. These educational documents were issued by the Luftnachrichtenschule Halle (Saale), the communication training centre of the Army and Air Forces. The school was located on the grounds of the General-Maercker-Kaserne military complex, which consisted of about 160 buildings. Planning of the school began in 1934, under the nickname of a Nudel-factory. In 1935, the 1st buildings were taken into operation by the school and it was attended both by the Army and the Air Forces. In 1936 the school was split into a section for the Army and a section for the Air Forces. The air base Halle-Nietleben, which was rededicated for military use, also belonged to the Air Force school. Besides the educational tasks, the school also served as a knowledge centre. For further information on the training center, click here.

The manuals all deal with the description, use and maintenance of both telephone and radio communication equipment.

The list is mainly formed on the basis of individual manuals found on the internet and in my collection. I am not anware of an extensive list of these manuals of the period. Indeed, if you scroll through the listing below, it is obvious many manuals are still missing from the list. In case you have information on missing manuals, please contact me.

Below an overview of the different Hilfsblätter that I have identified thus far.

Algemeine Grundlagen, Fernsprechgerätlehre, Fernschreibgerätlehre

Bordfunkgerät, Sender, Empfänger

Gerätlehre, Peilgerät

Stromquellen, Sammler, Motorenkunde