Milpitas Unified School District

Virtual STEAM Showcase 2021

Possible through a partnership between the Milpitas Unified School District and the Milpitas Community Educational Endowment

The 2020 - 2021 STEAM Showcase is a Virtual Event

The Milpitas STEAM Showcase is an exciting Districtwide event designed to share our work with the community. This event celebrates learning and highlights innovative projects and programs in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

After project proposals were approved, participants worked on project activities and documented procedures and results. Some of the ways participants documented their projects were by collecting data, taking photos, recording video, making drawings, & graphs.

Participants then needed to create and submit presentation materials and submit them for review and posting in our Virtual Gallery. The presentation components include a Google Slides presentation that outlines and summarizes the project and a video in which the participants are the stars, demonstrating and explaining their projects.

Please join us virtually to celebrate our students' accomplishments in STEAM. Click on the Virtual Gallery to view project presentations.

2021 STEAM Showcase - Welcome Video

Introduction by MCEE founder Rob Jung, followed by remarks from the STEAM Showcase Coordinator Karen Muska, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan, Assist Superintendent Norma Rodriguez , MUSD Board President Chris Norwood, and Board member Minh Ngo.


Project Proposal Applications Are Closed.

All projects must be pre-approved.

Participants with approved projects will receive instructions for submitting their video presentations and Google Slide presentations