Band and String Orchestra Classes

There are 3 levels of Band and 2 levels of String Orchestra.

Current 7th graders:

*If you're already in band or orchestra, I already know what level you are. BUT let me know if you want to change instruments for next year.

*If you're not already in band or orchestra, see me to discuss.

Current 6th graders:

*If you're in band in elementary school, your current teacher will tell me which level they recommend for you.

*If you're not in elementary band, I will contact you to assess your level.

*If you're new to band or orchestra, I will automatically put you in beginning level.

In the meantime, everyone should fill out the "sign-up form" using the link below.

Ms. Poulin

Russell BAND or STRING ORCHESTRA Student Information & Sign-up Form

(1 form for both classes)

Please CLICK HERE for the Russell Middle School Band OR String Orchestra Information & Sign-up Form!!!