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Milpitas Child Development Centers 



MUSD CDC is committed to providing quality, early education because we understand the importance of early brain development and its impact on future learning and success.  We are a proud participant in Quality Matters and the QRIS and both of our preschool sites are independently rated at the highest levels. 

We provide a caring and nurturing environment for all students. We use a developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports kindergarten readiness and is aligned with the California Department of Education's Preschool Learning Foundations.  

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Childcare Interest Survey

Interested in our programs?  

We offer both preschool and school age after care!

Please call or complete our Enrollment Interest Link and we will contact you.


Please note enrollment is based on your home address. 

We have two centers and will notify you of your home school/Child Development Center when calling to enroll in our programs.


Coordinator: Vanessa H. Espitia Ed.D

Head Teacher: Juana Castillo

Principal Secretary: Ayako Smith

250A Roswell Drive,

Milpitas, CA 95035


Coordinator: Vanessa H. Espitia Ed.D

Site Secretary: Jennifer Bailey

356 Dixon Road

Milpitas, CA 95035