Multi Connect Services

Change by Enabling Technology

Multi Connect Services (MCS) provides on-demand work management services and industry-specific solutions that deliver immediate and sustainable business benefits.

The services fill the planning, programming and reporting gaps that exist between internal departments and external companies that are too technically challenging or costly to fill by existing systems or methods.

The fully supported services are modelled on a generic task life-cycle, and are delivered “out-of-the-box” into a Virtual Office environment where an Office Manager controls the office content and user access.

The MCS Task Life-Cycle.

Delivering What is needed, When its needed.


"Out of the box".

No systems integration.

No technical expertise.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone


Direct communication in real-time.

Visual communication.

Existing processes.



No initial investment.

Pay only for what is needed.

Immediate and Sustainable ROI.

Changing the Culture?

Rapid Deployment



Shared Benefits

Integrating Processes

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