About "Mukesh"



Incorporated in 1990, started with the business of fabric manufacturing, including processing, dyeing, printing and finishing to produce woven and knitted fabrics. Our specialization includes processing wide range of fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic, linen, viscose, cotton elastane, cellulose fibers and blended textiles. We process and print fabrics for retailers, brands, garment manufacturers, brands and retail vendors, traders, dealers and distributors. The fabric manufactured by "Mukesh" is specially suitable for suiting, shirting, men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear, baby clothing, nightwear and sportswear.


Commercial operations began in July 1990 with an installed capacity of 5 million meters per annum for the production of textile fabrics.  Today with regular modernization of our machinery and technology together with expansion programs "Mukesh" has increased its installed capacity to 42 million meters of woven processing and 4800 metric tons of knits processing capacity annually.


Our in-house design studio and our Research and Development facility (“R&D”) complemented by our quality assurance department has enabled us to expand our business from domestic markets to international frontiers. Our international customers have laid down various quality standards like ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), ATCC (American Type Culture Collection). Our Company meets the said standard with the help of our R&D facility in which the fabrics undergo various tests undertaken in our testing centers before they are manually checked and des-patched. The advancement made by us in the technology used and our move towards bringing modernization of the processes involved has resulted in our nomination by international brands which enabled us to export our products, where are products are used for manufacturing apparels and further to be exported globally in retail and brands.




Well experienced management team with proven project management and implementation skills.


Our Company is led by a group of individuals, having an experience of over 3 decade(s) and has a proven background and rich experience in textile industry. We have an experienced and professional management team with strong asset management, execution capabilities and considerable experience in this industry. The team comprises of personnel having technical, operational and business development experience. We have employed suitable technical and support staff to manage key areas of activities allied to operations.


Our Management team consists of a mix of individuals with technical and commercial experience in the textile industry. Our team is well qualified and experienced in textile industry and has been responsible for the growth of our operations. We believe the stability of our management team and the industry experience brought in coupled with their strong repute, will enable us to continue to take advantage of future market opportunities and expand into new markets.


Location Advantage


The best part of running the textile business in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat is the location.  Easy availability of cotton, spinning, knitting and weaving manufacturing is in abundance in and around this area, which reduces our transportation cost in procurement.  Also Ahmedabad has various dyes and intermediate manufacturing units and is also a major hub of storage of products for all chemical and dyes manufacturers (international and domestic), which makes procurement of dyes and chemicals very easy and cheap.  Ahmedabad as it was known previously as Manchester of the East, had abundant skilled labor which also made it a hub for further textile manufacturing area.  There are a set of wide dealer/distributor/trader network in Ahmedabad which makes it an important destination for textile manufacturing and distribution.


Quality Assurance


Our Products pass through quality checks at various stages of the Process. The quality assurance measures taken by the Company includes thorough checking of all raw material and other inputs right down to finished goods. We maintain high standards for quality control and have semi- automatic/ mechanical machines and manual checking being operated by skilled operators under proper quality control and strict supervision.


Product mix


Our Company deals in a range of varied quality product meant for suiting, shirting, men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear, baby clothing, nightwear and sportswear. Our Product portfolio includes Woven and Knitted Fabrics. Our Company specializes in processing of a wide range of fabrics like, 100% cotton, polyester, linen, viscose, vortex viscose, siro compact, cotton elastane, cellulosic fibers and blended fabrics. These products have wide scale applications in the retail garment industry.





Our strategic objective is to improve and consolidate our position as a major textile manufacturer with a continuous growth philosophy and enter in value services of the complete chain of farm to fashion retail. Below points represents our continuous growth philosophy being implemented:


Diversifying and increasing penetration in markets


Our Company provides job work service in domestic market and the products are sold in domestic market as well as global market to some extent. The domestic market also offers opportunities in term of sub-geographic penetration and product/ market diversification. Our Company will seek to grow its marketing reach domestically to explore hither to untapped markets and segments as part of its strategy to mitigate market risk and widen growth prospects. Our Company will continue to explore opportunities in various countries where it can supply value added products to enhance its geographical reach.


Increasing our Global presence


Developing economies such as India continue to be the major exporter while developed economies such as US and Europe continue to be major importers of Textile and Apparel. India accounts for a sizeable portion of worldwide export of textiles. Our product portfolio is primarily focused on offering differentiated products based on customer’s requirements. Through a combination of increased capacities, reduced costs, wider range of products and services adhering to global standards, marketing initiatives, competitive pricing and more efficient use of resources, we intend to expand our global footprint and become a preferred supplier.


Expanding our Product Portfolio and forward integration


We believe that in order to increase the revenue and market share in this competitive industry, we need to continue launching new products. For which, we plan to set up an experienced technical team for product development and have our own in house design studio which will ensure that we continuously keep launching newer products. We are also planning to set up an apparel manufacturing unit which will act as a forward integrated unit to its fabric processing unit.  This would also help us grow better in the value chain and promote us to enter in the Retail and Branding segment in the future.


Strengthen our marketing network


We aim to become a national level manufacturing company for which we plan to enter in different value chains of the textile and retail sector.  Currently in manufacturing of fabrics we plan to enter in apparel manufacturing and then further to retail industry.  For this we plan to expand our reach to customers national and international.  Our domestic market is one of the highest growing retail industry globally, catering to this industry will help us expand our portfolio and network.  Working with International buyers will enable us to know the technical know how and trends globally which will improve our efficiency, quality and trend analysis.  Also we will be able to penetrate the global market better with a wide market reach.