Interested in Summer Learning?

For Summer Institute (June and August combined) there's a 25hr cap. June attendance will be paid out in late July via paper check. Aug Summer Institute attendance will be paid out Sept 30.

Taking online courses in InnovatED between May 24-Aug 13 = 28hr summer cap and will be paid out Sept 30.

Aug 14- May 25, 2018 = 28hr (2017-18 school year) cap and paid out according to schedule displayed right and published in the Course Catalog below (slide 3).

To continue working in an InnovatED online course:

Coaches & Other Staff Needing ADAMS Trainings

Need a course shell or online PD course created?

If you are new to InnovatED, please browse the Course Catalog displayed below. There is information to explain Tier 1 and Tier 2, as well as the schedule for earning extra compensation. MUHSD employees self-enroll into online courses of their choice.

Each course page in the Course Catalog contains a self-enrollment link (displayed below).

Click the self-enrollment link found on any course description page in order to join the course.

InnovatED Course Catalog 11-16-16

About InnovatED

The MUHSD InnovatED professional learning platform is designed to enhance instruction through improving technology skills, facilitating collaboration, increasing productivity, and providing tools and tips for better workflow management and instructional practices for improved teaching and learning. Participants have the opportunity to work at their own pace, in their own place, and self-enroll in courses described in the catalog (below).

If you have questions or need technical support, email