Welcome to 2020!!

Welcome to a brand new year! It's a little bit crazy in 2020, but we'll all get through it together. I hope we can all work together and be patient as we all learn and adjust as the year goes along. I really hope you are excited about learning some new things and meeting some new people. Each year is a fun and interesting journey- this one will be like no other. Enjoy the journey!

I graduated in 1996 from Northern Arizona University after doing my student teaching here at Mingus, and have been teaching at Mingus since 1997. I am currently teaching Mathematics but have also taught English earlier in my career. This year I am teaching Honors Geometry, and Geometry, and two different classes of 8th grade Algebra 1 Students. It's fun getting to know new students each year, and I also love getting to teach students for more than one year. I hope we can make it a great year despite the unusual circumstances we are in. I am excited to have my advisory group back as Seniors!! This is it- Your last year!! The rest of you starting or returning will see how fast time flies and before you know it, you'll be in your Senior year. Take advantage of your time at Mingus- It can be one of your greatest times in life.

I've spent many years coaching Freshman and J.V. Baseball, Freshman and J.V. Football, and I also coached J.V. Basketball for 2 years. I've helped as an assistant golf coach, the girls golf coach, and an assistant coach for track. They were all great years and I love seeing ex-students and athletes. I hope you get involved in some sport, activity, or club while here at Mingus. Our Theater and CTE classes and clubs are awesome, so find what you like to do and get involved; It will help make your high school experience that much better! Have fun here at Mingus- It's a great school!

Mr. Kitchen

Kal Kitchen

This is my grandson Kal! He is our only grandchild and just turned 1 in July. Needless to say but his Papa loves hanging out with him.

Me and Ms Kitchen

Ms Kitchen also works at the school as a counselor in the Guidance Office. She works with the Yavapai-Apache students and special populations. We have been married for more than 28 years and have always worked together at Mingus