History of Mt. Washington Lodge No. 614

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons


Past Master I. R. Coen


Out of the 25 charter members that started the Lodge, 14 of them have been called to the great beyond, 6 of them dimitted from the Lodge, 2 of them were suspended and there are 3 of them that are still with us. Fifty year pins have been earned by 8 of the charter members, five of whom have been taken from us. The three others are the ones who are still living. Seven of the charter members served the Lodge as Master.

This being the start of the 51st year of Mt. Washington Lodge, of course there are 50 Past Masters. Of these one was suspended, one dimitted, 18 are deceased, and 30 are living. Four 50 year pins have been presented to them but only one of the Past Masters who received them is still living.

At least one more Past Master is scheduled to receive his pin in 1961. Six brethren who received all their degrees in other Lodges affiliated with Mt. Washington and became Master of the Lodge, three of them are still living and three are deceased.

A total of 14 fifty year pins have been presented but only half of that number of brethren are still living.

During the years three brethren affiliated with the Lodge who had served their original Lodge as Master. One of these is now deceased.

Some of the things revealed by a study of the annual tabular statements of the Grand Secretary:

Mt. Washington Lodge # 614 has a steady increase in membership from the first and until 1929 when she showed a loss of six members. This was due to the suspension of nine for non-payment of dues. In 1930 there was an increase of nine and the high point in membership of 371. After this a decrease in membership until the low point in 1936 of 260 members. Then came a gradual increase again with high points in 1946 with an increase of 60, 1947 increase of 67, 1949 increase of 59 and again 1950 an increase of 60. In 1920 they rejected 16 candidates and agin in 1921 they rejected 14. Fifty-five candidates were initiated , fifty-five passed, and thirty nine raised in 1920. The largest number to be affiliated was eleven in 1925. The largest number to be suspended for non-payment of dues was forty in 1931. The greatest number of initiates was in 1949 when eighty-one received their Entered Apprentice Degree.

The 1960 Grand Lodge proceedings reveal that there are now 29 chartered Lodges in Jackson County. Of these, 17 Lodges were chartered before Mt. Washington # 614, 2 others received their charters at the same Grand Lodge Communication as Mt. Washington, and 9 have been chartered since. There is only one Lodge in the 59th Masonic District that has a larger membership than Mt. Washington Lodge # 614.