Harry H. Carr - W.M.

Robert E. Keerns - S.W.

Oncl A. Bartsche - J.W.

Ernst Avry - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1960

Installation - January 9th 1961

A motion was made on January 13th to furnish Right Worshipful Brother Roy J. Cavanah, the newly appointed DDGM of the 59th District, and our beloved Past Master, with an apron suitable to his official office and also a case in which to carry it. The were presented to him on April 28th. It was also on this latter date that it was voted to buy a hospital bed to be used by members and their families when necessary. Also a 50 year pin was presented to Floyd J. Conger.

The ranks of the charter members are slowly thinning out. On April 20th, Ross J. Ream was called to his reward. Not only was he a charter member but also received his 50 year pin as mentioned earlier.

The Temple is located in what has been called the Inter-City District - between the cities of Kansas City and Independence - but on January 1st 1961 the city of Independence annexed the area.

Gregg B. Christy, who served the Lodge so faithfully as Secretary for so many years, was forced to go to hospital for an operation in July. On August 1st he became eligible to receive his 50 year pin but because of this illness it was necessary to present it to him at his home on September 7th with his friend and former Treasurer, Arch E. Hicks, doing the honors.

The fiftieth anniversary of the Lodge was held in the banquet hall of the Mt. Washington Methodist Church on October 20th with something like 400 persons in attendance of whom about 150 were wives of the Lodge members.