1941 - 1950


James D. Garrett - W.M.

Roy J. Cavanah - S.W.

Claude R. Davis - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 13th 1940

Installation - December 28th 1940

January 10th another petition from a future Past Master. Joseph L. Lewis, was received.

Again a $5.00 per plate spring banquet was held on April 18th under the sponsorship of the Past Masters Club which resulted in the clearance of $402.65 which they gave to the Building Board to apply on the Temple debt on May 9th.

John W. Early, who served as Master during 1929 was buried with Masonic honors on May 17th.

A clipping from Collier's Magazine, issue of September 27th, entitled "Dictators vs Masons" was read to the Lodge by a Brother on October 10th and was made a part of the minutes.

The sneak attack on Hawaii by the Japanese occurred on December 7th. As a result, at least 20 of the Lodge members served in some branch of the armed services. Many veterans of the European War, Pacific conflict, and the "policing action" in Korea have become members of the Lodge since the ends of these conflicts.


Roy J. Cavanah - W.M.

Claude R. Davis - S.W.

Paul E. Anway - J.W.

Arch E. Hick - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 12th 1941

Installation - December 17th 1941

A check for $440.00 was presented on May 22nd as a result of the $5.00 per plate spring banquet.

The Lodge lost another Past Master by death this year. Masonic services were held for Worshipful Brother Edwin S. Dudley on August 10th. He served as Master in 1939.

On November 27th a request was received from Roger Sherman Lodge # 369, Kansas City, Kansas for Mt. Washington Lodge # 614 to confer the Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees on their member Odell Colley. As will be seen later he petitioned for affiliation and them later became Master.


Claude R. Davis - W.M.

Paul E. Anway - S.W.

Joseph F. Morgan - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 11th 1942

Installation - December 29th 1942

The year 1943 was a rich one from future Masters of the Lodge. On February 12th Ralph M. Mitchell, James Chalmers, and Steele Anderson petitioned for the degrees. I.R. (Ike) Coen petitioned for membership on May 14th and Odel Colley petitioned for membership n July 23rd.

The banquet held by the Past Masters Club on April 16th cleared $500.00 and was presented on May 28th for the Building Board.


Paul E. Anway - W.M.

Joseph E. Morgan - S.W.

C.W. (Bill) Moody - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 10th 1942

Installation - January 4th 1944

On January 28th Waldemar H. Sudbrook petitioned the Lodge for the degrees and on November 10th John T. Young petitioned the Lodge. Both of these later served the Lodge as Master.

The result of the $5.00 spring banquet was very handsome as $800.00 was given on May 26th to the building fund, to which the Lodge added $200.00, making a total of $1000.00 to apply to the debt on the Temple.


Joseph E. Morgan - W.M.

Charles W. (Bill) Moody - S.W.

Freeman W. Young - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 8th 1944

Installation - January 5th 1945

Some may not class the following as outstanding or worthy of mention but others may do so. It is noted in the minutes during the year that I.R. (Ike) Coen gave the first degree lecture on January 12th; the third degree lecture on September 19th; received the candidates in the East on the second degree on November 30th; and gave the second degree lecture on December 28th. On the above date it was mentioned in the minutes that during the year he had conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree, the Fellowcraft Degree, the Master Mason Degree (both sections), had given all three lectures and received the candidates in the Middle Chamber. He had also given all three charges. And to this the fact that he had spent three months of the year in the hospital and it will be seen that he had a busy year.

A 50 year pin was presented to William S. Clark, a Charter Member, on November 23rd.


Freeman W. Young - W.M.

Herbert H. Haukenberry - S.W.

Joseph H. Anway - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 14th 1945

Installation - December 29th 1945

The spring $5.00 banquet held in April 19th raised an amount of $725.00 given on May 10th to which the Lodge contributed $1275.00 making a total of $2000.00. This was applied to the Temple debt and thus it can be seen that it is being substantially reduced.

It should be noted here that there had been a lot of talk during the last year of trying to get a Royal Arch Chapter established at Mt. Washington Temple. The petition for dispensation was circulated and 25 names were secured. It was presented to the Grand High Priest at the annual Convocation in April who granted it and on July 8th Mt. Washington Chapter R.A.M. was set to work. The work of the new chapter must have been acceptable as a Charter was granted on April 22nd 1947 and they were constituted and set to work under charter on May 28th 1947.

A motion was made on August 9th that a committee be appointed to investigate the purchase of a projector and some slides to illustrate the the first and third degree lectures. They were purchased and used for the first time in the third lecture on October 25th. Realizing that improvements could be made in the illustrations one of the members used his camera in taking some pictures and special slides were made up from those pictures which enhanced the sets of slides in both degrees. A year or so later slides were secured for the second degree.

Adolf Lortscher, a future Master, petitioned the Lodge on September 13th and on December 13th, it was proposed that the salary of the Secretary be increased to $30.00 per month which was voted without difficulty later. But this was a very small salary to pay him if all the work which he is called to do is considered. However he considered it a "labor of love".

Two 50 year pins were presented during the year, one to George H. Cook on October 11th and one to George E. Kingen on December 27th.


Herbert H. Haukeberry - W.M.

Joseph H. Anway - S.W.

Raymond T. Powers - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 13th 1946

Installation - December 28th 1946

The aggressiveness of the Past Masters Club in raising money was again demonstrated when they contributed the net profit of the April 18th banquet, amounting to $700.00, to the building board but the Lodge not to be outdone also gave $750.00 on July 25th. A petition signed by Oncel A. Bartshe was presented on October 10th and he is Junior Warden in 1961. He will be a Master later.


Joseph H. Anway - W.M.

Raymond T. Powers - S.W.

Joseph L. Lewis - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 12th 1947

Installation - December 29th 1947

Mt. Washington Lodge has always had excellent relations with other Lodges but this is especially true with the two Lodges in Independence. Basically for this reason and the close proximity of the two Temples, after a conference of the officers of the three Lodges, it was deemed advisable to vote upon a resolution for concurrent jurisdiction between them. This was permissible under Grand Lodge Law. Consequently a resolution was introduced and carried on February 27th to give Independence Lodge # 76 and McDonald Lodge # 324 concurrent jurisdiction with Mt. Washington Lodge # 614 when they had passed a similar resolution granting Mt. Washington Lodge # 614 the same. They passed the resolution and it was presented to the DDGM for the approval of the Grand Master.

On April 23rd the DDGM, Cornelius D. Struble, contended that the resolution was not in harmony with the Grand Lodge Law and was therefore null and void.

The spring banquet at $5.00 per plate was held on April 18th at which time $750.00 was raised and presented on May 28th. On this date the Lodge voted to give a like amount. The Lodge presented another donation of $750.00 on November 12th which made a total of $2250.00 paid on the debt in 1948.

On July 9th petitions were received signed by Richard L. Lewis, Sr. and Richard L. Lewis Jr., Father and Son. The son later became Master of the Lodge. (Editor's note, December 2012: As of the posting of this record Richard L. Lewis Jr has been a member of Mt. Washington Lodge #614 for over 60 years, and continues to serve with honor to himself and the Lodge as Chaplain).

The death of John W. Brewer who was Master of the Lodge in 1920 was reported and services were held on August 10th.


Raymond T. Powers - W.M.

Joseph L. Lewis - S.W.

Ralph M. Mitchell - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 10th 1948

Installation - January 5th 1949

Worshipful Brother Fred. J. Tudor had been confined in the Sanitorium at Mt. Vernon, Missouri. He succumbed to the Grim Reaper on February 17th and Masonic Services were held on February 20th.

The spring banquet put on by the Past Masters Club yielded $800.00 which was presented to the building board on May 27th and on that night the Lodge contributed another $800.00.

Another motion for concurrent jurisdiction with the Independence Lodges was voted on August 26th and the concurrent jurisdiction was declared on November 11th by Grand Master Bradford.

This was the last year that Samuel L. Couts served as Tyler.


Joseph L. Lewis - W.M.

Ralph M. Mitchell - S.W.

James Chalmers - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1949

Installation - January 6th 1950

Worshipful Brother James Blake who was Master in 1918 had moved to Branson, Missouri several years previously where he passed away. The Lodge there courteously conducted Masonic services for him on January 13th.

Brother George H. Cook, another 50 year member died March 14th. The $5.00 banquet was held on April 21st this year at which $1000.00 was raised to which the Lodge contributed a like sum making $2000.00 applied to the debt of the Temple this year.

On December 4th I.R. (Ike) Coen gave the Masonic burial service for the first time. At that time he was Junior Deacon.

Brother John H. Twyman, a Charter Member, received his 50 year pin on June 11th and was called to his final reward on November 29th.