1931 - 1940


Charles T. Tunget - W.M.

Roy K. Murdock - S.W.

Farmer H. Frisby - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 12th, 1930

Installation - December 26th, 1930

The petition of Ernest Avery was received on January 23rd and the petition of Edwin S. Dudley was received on May 8th. Both of these later served as Master of the Lodge.

The stock market crash of 1929 made its effect felt on the affairs of the Lodge during this year for it was on June 26th that there were 40 suspensions for non-payment of dues, one of these was George S. Shelton, a Charter Member.

December 25th the Lodge received a lithographed copy of George Washington's picture by Joseph B. Shannon, representative of the 5th District of Missouri. The Lodge ordered it framed and hung in the Lodge room.


Roy K. Murduck - W.M.

Farmer H. Frisby - S.W.

John C. Fleeman - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 11th 1931

Installation - December 26th 1931

A waiver was granted on May 27th to Unity Lodge #495, Richards, Missouri, on Jacob H. Gross who later served as Master of that Lodge. He later affiliated with Mt. Washington Lodge and thus became an affiliated Past Master.


Farmer H. Frisby - W.M.

John C. Fleeman - S.W.

Harry H. Pippenger - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1932

Installation - December 30th 1932

Brother Leslie T. Martin had made inquiry concerning life membership in the Lodge. He offered quite an inducement for the privilege so on January 27th a resolution was presented that anyone who would pay into the treasury the sum of $500.00 would be granted life membership to be terminated only by the death or expulsion. The resolution was adopted and on March 25th he turned over to the Lodge $500.00 in building certificates and became the only life member the Lodge has ever had. A by-law of the Lodge still provides for life membership under the same basic rules except that the by-laws now state that the Lodge shall invest the deposit in some kind of bonds and the interest to pay the per capita tax to the Grand Lodge and the dues due to the Lodge. On November 10th the Lodge turned over the building certificates to the building association as back rent.

The dues of 8 brethren were remitted by the Lodge on June 23rd but they also suspended 28 for non-payment of dues.


John C. Fleeman - W.M.

Harry B. Hood - S.W.

Fred K. Booth - J.W.

Arch E.Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 8th 1933

Installation - December 29th 1933

For some reason the Lodge transferred its bank account to the First National Bank of Independence on February 9th and because of some kind of an attendance contest there were present between 75 and 80 on February 23rd.

It is quite evident that the Lodge didn't have enough money available to pay all of its per capita tax to the Grand Lodge in June 1933 as a payment of $172.10 was approved on April 13th 1934 and sent to the Grand Lodge.


Harry B. Hood - W.M.

Fred K. Booth - S.W.

Leo N. Walker - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Greg g B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 14th 1934

Installation - January 7th 1935

Worshipful Brother Charles W. Hibler, a charter member and Master of the Lodge in 1914, having reached the age of retirement, and having moved to his old home town of Brunswick, Missouri, made application for moving his membership back to his original Lodge, Eureka # 73. The dimit was issued July 16th. His demise and burial will be noted later.

In order to stimulate the desire to petition the Lodge, a resolution was offered August 23rd to reduce the fees for the degrees to $15.00 for EA, $10.00 for FC, and $10.00 for MM. It was adopted on September 27th. The stimulus didn't seem to work very good for it was not until December 13th that a petition was received signed by Paul E. Anway who was destined to serve as Master.


Fred K. Booth - W.M.

Leo N. Walker - S.W.

Paul C. Ford - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election- December 13th 1935

Installation - January 3rd 1936

A petition from Freeman W. Young, a future Master, was received on April 24th, and on June 26th it was necessary to suspend 31 more members for non-payment of dues.


Leo N. Walker - W.M.

Fred C. Herbster - J.W.

Edwin S. Dudley - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 11th 1936

Installation - January 7th 1937

Again a petition from a future Master, Joseph H. Anway, was received, it being on February 12th, and again it was necessary to suspend 16 members for non-payment of dues,


Fred C. Herbster - W.M.

Edwin S. Dudley - S.W.

Ernst Avery - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 10th 1937

Installation - January 7th 1938

The loss of membership for non-payment of dues was 15. Worshipful Brother Frank Oatman was suspended on October 18, 1938.


Edwin S. Dudley - W.M.

Ernst Avery - S.W.

James D. Garret - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1938

Installation- December 30th 1938

Again it was necessary to suspend 12 members for non-payment of dues but 6 other brethren asked for more time and were granted that time on June 23rd.


Ernst Avery - W.M.

James D. Garret - S.W.

Roy J. Cavanah - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 8th 1939

Installation - December 29th 1939

A letter dated February 23rd, 1940 was received from Mrs. Leedy, Altoona, Pennsylvania, announcing the death of James M. Leedy who was Master in 1915. The date that Worshipful Brother and Mrs. Leedy moved to Pennsylvania is not known.

It had been the practice of the Lodge to observe St. John's Day, June 27th, on the Sunday nearest that date by opening the Lodge and attending church services in a body. It was also the practice to accept the first invitation offered them without regard to which church invited them. They had observed this day from the very beginning without asking for permission from the Grand Lodge. One of the brethren put forth the opinion that this was contrary to Grand Lodge Law. He advised them to ask the Grand Master for a dispensation to carry on the practice. On May 24th a letter from the Grand Master, Karl M. Vetsburg denied the application to open the Lodge on Sunday for the purpose of observing St. John's Day. According to the Grand Lodge Law it can be done on St. John's Day if it is on a week day and if it falls on Sunday it can be done on any week day that proceeds or succeeds St. John's Day.

The Past Masters Club of Mt. Washington Lodge had been formed on February 23rd of this year. They held a $5.00 per plate banquet on April 19th at which $500.00 was clear profit. This money was presented to the Building Association through the Lodge on May 24th to apply to the debt on the Temple.