1921 - 1930


Ralph P.Peck - W.M.

Harrison Shiffner - S.W.

Ulysses S. Hayes J.W.

Paul C. Ford - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 10th 1920

Installation - December 31st 1920

The first mention of the Masonic Home fee on initiates was in the minutes of March 11th 1921.

It seems quite appropriate that the Lodge has elected a carpenter, contractor, and builder as Junior Warden for the year 1921. Traditionally, the Junior Warden is known as the "The Builder." Ground was broken for the new Temple in the summer or fall of 1920. The building was completed and occupied the next year. The Junior Warden draw up the plans and started the building while he Senior Deacon and finished it in April when he was Junior Warden.

A picture of the completed building was printed in the neighborhood paper "The Mt. Washington News." In the issue of April 29th 1921. And, remember that the it was an elapse of only ten years and two months since the Lodge was put under dispensation. And remember too, that the Lodge membership was only 224. An accomplishment of which to be proud. The cost of the Temple was $23,900.00

In preparation for the move to the new Temple, a motion was made on MArch 25th that the furniture committee be empowered to purchase turniture, carpet, and such other fixtures as deemed necessary and the Lodge appropriated $600.00 for that purpose. The chairs were purchased with donations from the brethren and each brother who donated was honored by having his placed upon a chair by means of a brass plate. Several members of other lodges purchased chairs and were honored in the same manner. It seems that a total of $939.75 was contributed to the chair fund by the brethren in a two year period.

The minutes of April 8th show more preparation made to occupy the new temple. Pursuant to article 5, section 51 of the Grand Lodge By-Laws it was moved that the "Lodge vacate the premises now occupied at Independence Road (now Wilson Road), and Arlington and locate in the new temple at Independence Avenue and Arlington when the building is completed."

The building was completed and on May 6th a specific communication of the Grand Lodge was held for the purpose of dedicating it to God and for the use of Freemasonry. Alan McDowell Hoyt, DDGM for the 59th District, acted as Grand Master.

A motion was made on May 13th that a committee be appointed to arrange for occasional entertainment for those brethren who attended Lodge and the Lodge started to vote on the proficiency of a brother in the degree in which he was examined.

Several visiting brethren attended the meeting of June 10th to present the petition of a new proposed new Lodge in the Englewood District. Action was deferred until the meeting of June 24th when ballot was spread. Fifty members were present, 3 of whom voted to recommend the new Lodge and 47 against. Rumor has it that after being informed of the vote, the Grand Master, or someone deputed by him, visited the new temple and after inspecting it, made the statement that because of the beauty of the building and the large debt assumed by the brethren, a dispensation would not be issued.

A resolution to raise the dues for the coming year to $5.00 per annum was presented on September 23rd and the first record of conducting Masonic funeral services for a sister Lodge was noted for October 5th. This was for Wyandotte Lodge #3, Kansas City, Kansas, who was originally chartered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri and later helped form the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

Charges for un-Masonic conduct were brought against a Fellowcraft and a Master Mason on October 28th. The minutes of November 11th read thusly:

The Lodge was opened on the first degree. No business appearing the Lodge was opened on the second degree. Charges were read against the Fellowcraft who pleaded guilty. The lodge was opened on the third degree. After taking care of the regular business a secret ballot was taken on the charges against the Fellowcraft resulting in:

For expulsion - 30

Against expulsion - 25

Charges were read then against a Master Mason. Trial date was set for November 25th.

On this date the Master Mason asked for a dimit but was refused because of the charges against him. He entered a plea of not guilty. But it seems the trial was not held until December 1st. Two offenses were charged against him. On specification #1 he was found guilty by a vote of 54 to 7. On specification #2 he was found guilty by a vote of 48 to 8. The punishment was designation as expulsion by a vote of 47 to 13.


Harrison Shiffner - W.M.

Ulysses S. Hayes - S.W.

Roy I. Conkey - J.W.

Paul C. Ford - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1921

Installation - December 31st 1921

A piano was purchased for $125.00 on April 1922, a third degree was conferred by the "Famous Orient Scottish Rite Team in full Oriental Costume on May 20th; the Lodge subscribed $100.00 to the Inter-Denominational Home for Girls on May 26th; paid Grand Lodge dues of $630.00 on July 14th; and voted to authorize the OES to purchase suitable material and make draperies for the Lodge Room on August 11th.

The petition for the degrees from a future Past Master, Roy M. Murdock, was received on September 22nd.


Ulysses S. Hayes - W.M.

Roy I. Conkey - S.W.

Thomas H. Knight - J.W.

Paul C. Ford - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 8th 1922

Installation - December 22nd 1922

At the installation, Samuel L. Couts was installed as Tyler, an office he held for more than 25 years. As this was a stated meeting night the regular business was taken up and a petition for affiliation was received signed by Brother Farmer H. Frisby who was later to serve as Master.

Most Worshipful Brother Bert S. Lee, Grand Master, authorized that a collection be taken up for the benefit of the George Washington National Memorial Association which was then in the process of being built.

Another letter from the Grand Master was read to the Lodge on July 13th in which he definitely stated that a secret organization wearing masks and robes was not condoned by the Masonic Fraternity, (KKK). He stated that it was contrary to a portion of the charge in the first degree. (In the state he is to be a quiet and peaceful citizen, true to his government and just to his country).

A courtesy Master Mason degree was conferred on July 27th for Kansas City Lodge # 220 and Paul C. Ford resigned as Treasurer on August 24th. Past Master Arch E. Hicks was appointed to fill the office until the annual election. He filled this station with honor to himself and the Fraternity for 36 years, declining to be reelected for the year 1960. On the transfer of books there was $327.23 in the treasury.


Roy I. Conkey - W.M.

Thomas H. Kinght - S.W.

Frank L. Oatman - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 14th 1923

Installation - December 28th 1923

A letter was received from the Grand Master on February 8th 1924, announcing that he had appointed a committee on Masonic Service. A list of speakers was given that would be available at all times and urged every Lodge to take advantage of this service. It seems this kind of service if practiced today might be a great help in promoting a better attendance at the regular meetings of the Lodge.

A program was held on February 22nd to honor Brother George Washington. The dues of several brethren was remitted on June 13th and on June 27th several other brethren were suspended for non-payment of dues.

Some of the meetings must have been held rather late. At one, on Friday August 4th, three first degrees were conferred, and two second degrees.

Objection was made on September 12th to a Fellowcraft advancing. Charges were filed against him on November 14th. No record was made of the date of the trial but the results of it are noted under January 9th 1925. Five counts were brought against him. He was found guilty on counts 1, 2, 3, and 4, but not guilty on count 5. A bill of $15.00 was allowed for reporting on the trial.

Motion was made on September 26th 1924 that the Lodge pay the railroad fare of the Secretary to the Grand Lodge Communication in St. Louis.


Thomas H. Knight - W.M

Frank L. Oatman - S.W.

Clarence A. Kittell - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

The appointed officers were:

Fred J. Tudor - S.D.

John W. Early - J.D.

J. Nathan Johnson - S.S.

Charles T. Tunget - J.S.

Roy K. Murdock - Chaplain

Farmer H. Frisby - Marshall

Samuel L. Couts - Tyler

Election - December 12th 1924

These are reported in detail for the reason that all of the later completed their trip through the chairs and finally served as Master of the Lodge with the exception of the Tyler. It has already been need that the Secretary and Treasurer are already Past Masters. They were installed on December 277th 1924.

It was a sad day for Mt. Washington Lodge, February 5th 1925. It was on this day that the Lodge held Masonic services for Dr. William L. Gillmor, the first Master of the Lodge. His car had been hit by a Missouri Pacific train on February 2nd where Old Independence (Wilson) Road crosses their tracks. As was stated earlier, he had a very wide practice and the story is that he had spent the night with a patient who was seriously ill and he was very tired and sleepy. Then , too, perhaps he had the condition of the patient on his mind and wondering what other medication could be administered. If that were the case, his mind was not on his driving and the accident was the result. Every man, woman and child whom he had met was his friend.

He had previously been Master of his Lodge in Winona, Missouri, before moving to this wear - Winona # 430,. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias and Oddfellows. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church at Wilson and Arlington and had been teacher to a large mens Bible class for many years. In fact, he was a booster of everything that was good for the community - giving not only his moral support but also supporting them freely with how money. No wonder he was loved by everyone.

Something out of the ordinary is always desirable. It adds intrigue. We notice this in the bills approved for May 22nd when bananas were served for refreshment on that date. The bill was $2.00.

The Secretary was ordered to investigate the matter of Eastgate Lodge # 630 accepting petitions from residents of the Mt. Washington jurisdiction without asking for waivers. This was on July 10th but nothing was contained in the minutes on of how the dispute was settled. The petition of John C. Fleeman, a future Master was received on this date.

The meeting of Friday August 21st, must have been along one as we find there were examinations in the first degree, six second degrees were conferred, also an examination in the second degree and a third degree conferred. Midnight ?

Membership must have been near 400 as that number of dues receipts were ordered from the Grand Lodge on November 27th. Checking back through the Grand Lodge proceedings we find that on June 30th 1925 membership was 315 and on June 30th 1926 membership was 339.

The relief and charity committee reported on December 11th that a member and his family were in dire need of assistance. Those who were in attendance made up a collection of $42.06. The Lodge then appropriated $7.94 making a total of $50.00 to be presented to the Brother.


Frank L. Oatman - W.M.

Clarence A. Kittell - S.W.

Fred J. Tudor - J.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 11th 1925

Installation - December 25th 1925

A petition for membership signed by James D. Garrett was received on February 26th. He later served as Master. Also a petition for the degrees was presented but upon investigation it was found that the petitioner had been rejected by Kansas City Lodge # 220 on March 9th, 1926 and therefore according to Grand Lodge Law could not petition any Lodge until after March 9th, 1926. Being not discouraged he repetitioned the Lodge on March 26th.

Mt. Washington Lodge is noted for the fact that they visit the sick members and their families. They are noted for the friendly manner in which they greet visitors from other Lodges. This was as true in yesteryear as it is now. On August 27th the Lodge received a letter from DDGM Alan McDowell Hoyt complimenting the Lodge on the welcome given to all and especially because they had sent him a bouquet of flowers during his illness. He said "You are the liveliest bunch in the 59th District."

A petition for the degrees was received on September 24th from Joseph E. Morgan who later became Master of the Lodge. Two Charter Members were lost by death during the year, Herman Hermelink on August 3rd and J. S. Stone on November 26th.


Clarence A. Kittell - W.M.

Fred J. Tudor - S.W.

John W. Early - S.W.

Arch E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 10th 1926

Installation - December 1926

On December 24th 1926, a member of the Lodge received $375.00 from Friendship Lodge #417, Detroit, Michigan, December 27th another $10, January 14th, 1927 another $10.00, February 11th another $40.00; February 25th another $30.00; making a total of $465.00 from the Lodge of another state. Nothing was contained in the minutes to designate the reason for such payments not what was done with them. It took quite a lot of research to find the answers,

It seems a Joseph Bishop, a member of that Lodge, had died in 1920 while in good standing. He lived in the state of Illinois where he and his wife has accumulated a small bit of property. Mrs. Bishop was induced by a niece of hers, who lived in the Fairmount area, to sell the property, give her money to the niece and husband, who were to purchase a house and give her a home and treat her as one of the family as long as she should live there.

After the money had been given away the arrangement did not seem to work out. After a few months Mrs. Bishop was put out of her house. This must have been in 1925. The first that Mt. Washington Lodge heard about it seems to have been a letter written by Mrs. Bishop to Worshipful Brother Thomas H. Knight dated May 20th 19126. Mt. Washington gave some assistance and started correspondence with Friendship Lodge # 417. They seemed reluctant to assume their responsibilities as several letters and telegrams were exchanged without accomplishing anything. Finally an appeal was made by Mt. Washington Lodge # 614 to Grand Master M.W. Martin of Missouri to contact not only Friendship Lodge #417 but also the Grand Master of Michigan. This was in the early fall but nothing was accomplished.

In the meantime, Mt. Washington Lodge had been continuing to give assistance to Mrs. Bishop until they had paid out about $45.00. Appeal was made to the next Grand Master of Missouri, John Picard, in November 1926, to again contact the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan to put pressure on the Detriot Lodge. Finally Picard was in Kansas City in December and Wor. Bro. Christy and Bro. Farmer Frisby visited with him at the Baltimore Hotel taking with them all the correspondence concerning the case. Picard must have had the correct approach for the payments came through. In addition Friendship Lodge # 417 agreed to pay the widow $30.00 per month as long as she should live or until she saw fiit to enter Masonic Home of Michigan.

With the money Mt. Washington received they paid back board bills and other expenses of Mrs. Bishop and were reimbursed for what expense they had accumulated.

During the year 1927 the petitions of two more future Past Masters were received - one signed by Fred C. Herbster on January 7th and one by Harry B. Wood on March 25th.

Two resolutions to amend the by-laws of the Lodge were introduced on January 14th - one to raise the fees for the degrees to $70.00 and the other to raise the dues to $6.00. Ballot on these resolutions was taken on February 11th at which time the fees for the degrees was defeated but the raising of dues carried.


Fred J. Tutors - W.M.

John W. Early - S.W.

J.Nathan Johnson - J.W.

Arch E.Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 9th 1927

Installation - December 28th 1927

It seems that at almost every stated communication of the Lodge during 1928 the Worshipful Master, or his appointed committee, had provided for a speaker "for information of the members." Perhaps the lack of attendance in the '50s and '60s is due to the fact that too many of the Lodges have become "degree mills". Too many of the brethren are concerned only with ritual and too few are concerned with the visiting of the sick, the welfare of their brothers, and the down to earth meanings of Freemasonry.

The first mention of Wor.Bro. Harrison Shiffner officiating at the funeral of a brother was noted in the minutes of October 22nd. This faithful brother performed these services for the Lodge and his brethren for several years in a very sincere and efficient manner. The trouble with the Masonic Service is that too many members are reluctant to attend these services and at too many of them the service is given in a desultory manner just like the words coming off a typewriter without meaning or expression. If he who gives the service would study the meaning of the words, learn to express them properly, letting his voice rise and fall at the proper places, use a few gestures and more members of the Fraternity would attend the service, no one would have to worry about the falling into decay of Freemasonry. The Lodges would be flooded with petitions and Freemasonry would skyrocket to the place it justly deserves. One of the Charter Members, Wm. H. Chitwood, dimitted on January 13th.


John W. Early - W.M.

J. Nathan Johnson - S.W.

Charles T. Tungst - J.W.

Arch E. Higgs - Treasurer

Gregg B, Christy - Secretary

Election - December 14th 1928

Installation - January 5th 1929

It is again interesting to note that entertainment was provided for the brethren at stated communications during the year 1929, sometimes in the form of a speaker and at other times other types of entertainment. It is also noted that several of the Masters during this period of the Lodge failed to sign the minutes.

The matter of suspensions for non-payment of dues was discussed on June 14th at great length. On June 28th the discussion was resumed and as a result the dues of three members were remitted and nine were suspended.

The petition of Ray J. Cavannah, a future Master was received on November 8th.

A framed copy of Mary Washington's will was presented to the Lodge by Brother P. Lloyd Lewis on December 13th. It was ordered hung in the Lodge room but what has become of it is a mystery as no one seems to remember it. She was the mother of George Washington.


J. Nathan Johnson - W.M.

Charles T. Tungst - S.W.

Roy K. Murdock - J.W.

Arhc E. Hicks - Treasurer

Gregg B. Christy - Secretary

Election - December 13th 1929

Installation - December 28th 1929

On June 7th 1930, seven embers were suspended for non-payment of dues. This year two more petitions were received from men who were destined to become Past Masters. One was from Raymond T, Powers on January 10th and the other from Claude R. Davis on September 12th.