OUr work & Mission Continue

Mount Saint Charles is responding to the coronavirus by staying home, serving others, and continuing to learn and grow

MSC feels strongly that learning is a social process and that our school community is integral to our success. Virtual schooling is not an ideal situation but the structure developed will allow us to continue the learning process. To this end, students are reminded that:

  • Learning requires individual effort and commitment.

  • Academic integrity is essential.

  • Respect of the learning environment is very important.

  • We anticipate challenges. It is our responsibility to support each other in this process.

Virtual school day info for students

Students are staying connected with "face to face" instruction and independent learning tasks

Public Virtual School Day Prayer & Announcements

Daily announcements frame our day of learning

Faculty Meeting 3/24

Our teachers are supporting each other in through a new way of learning

We are sharing our academic program and mission by staying connected through our weekly Mount Minute and increased communication

Spring 2020 - Revised Service Requirement

Service remains an essential piece of our educational program.

We are sharing our learning and staying on top of current trends through social media

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Twitter: @mtstcharles.org

Instagram: @mountsaintcharlesacademy