Applied Algebraic Extensions

Mrs. Shedlosky & Mrs. Boczon

(Extra Help Wednesday - Room B2221) (Extra Help Tuesday - Room B2219)

What you need for class:

  • 3-ring binder (suggested) – sections for (a) notes (b) homework (c) assessments
  • We will have some lessons that use technology so when requested make sure to "bring your own device"
  • Pencils and paper!
  • Scientific calculator required (something similar to the TI-30 is recommended)

This course is the sequential course to Algebraic Functions & Analysis. It continues the review of Algebraic concepts, skills, terminology and applications. It furthers the development of sequences, series, permutations, combinations, probability, statistics, non-linear functions and an introduction to Trigonometry. The units of study are Rational Functions, Data Analysis and Statistics, Counting through Sequences and Series and Trigonometric Functions. Throughout the course, students will use technology as a tool for processing data, performing calculations, and exploring concepts for function comprehension.

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