Camp Mason

The Annual 8th Grade Trip

Trip Dates

Blue and Gold - October 16-18, 2023 

Red and Green - October 18-20, 2023 


Permission Packet

23 Permission Packet.pdf

Why Camp Mason?

There’s a feeling our students get when they visit Camp Mason. They realize they've entered a remarkable place. A place where children can enjoy being active and pursue their own interests in an outdoor paradise - and step away from their technology! The 460-acre site offers incredible opportunities for outdoor activities.  Camp Mason is community that values friendship and encourages each member to do their best. It's a camp that’s big enough to offer a wide range of programs, yet small enough to ensure that every camper receives individual attention and is valued as a person.

Every year, the 8th grade students are given the opportunity to attend Camp Mason. This trip is a great way for our students to bond with classmates, create new memories, and grow as young adults. 

Forms and payments should be handed into the main office as soon as possible. If any family needs assistance with payments, please contact Mrs. Raquel Estrema-Rivera or your child's guidance counselor 



Important People

Trip Coordinator

Ms. Meghan Moore

Mrs. Sarah Juarez


ACTIVITIES/BUNK Presentation 2023


Please reference this slide show for all of your questions about how to sign up for cabins and activities. 

Students will be presented with this material during PE classes on Thursday, Sept 21 and Friday, Sept 22.  

Sign up forms will not become active until after 3pm on Friday Sept 22-after all students have seen the presentation. 

There is no need to race to get the Bunk and Activity forms complete.  It is NOT first come first serve.  Please take your time to complete them correctly, you can only complete each form once. 


Important Due Dates


September 7th-September 26, 2023- Registration Collection Period

October 2, 2022 - Student Medication Submitted to Nurses Office

Student Dates

BUNK REQUESTS- Due Sept 29th - CABIN REQUEST FORM - 1 student fills out per group 

ACTIVITY REQUESTS- Due Sept 29th - ACTIVITY REQUEST FORM - All students fill out individually 

Camp Mason Contact Information

23 Birch Ridge Road, Hardwick, NJ 07825

Phone: 908-362-8217 | Fax: 908-362-5767

Suggested Packing List