Donges Bay Fifth Grade

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Eureka Math- Grade 5 Homework Helpers


Class Codes: Grube-Thur: C839JWUR

Strauss: NVGWVH29

Recommended Practice (Aligned to MAP RIT Scores)

Reading/Word Study

  • Teacher Code for Grube-Thur: sgrubethur0
  • Teacher Code for Hadcock:
  • Teacher Code for Strauss: lstrauss5


  • School code: wi426

* Teacher Codes

Grube-Thur MHJK9J Hadcock QDYUMX Strauss: JJEEX

Collins COBUILD Dictionary


username: 5+2 password: 3-digit word + 12345


Enter Teacher Pins: Grube-Thur: 8455E5 Hadcock: EA3608 Strauss: A32C47

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