Senior Capstone Project

At MTRS, the theme of senior year is PRAXIS: the practice or practical application of something, as distinguished from the theory of it. In simpler terms, it's time for seniors to take everything they've learned - in school and out - and DO something. This something is the Senior Capstone, a long-term independent project that all seniors have to complete in order to graduate from MTRS. Students design projects, do research, set goals, make amazing things happen, and celebrate their successes.

Through Capstone, MTRS seniors have the opportunity to pursue their personal passions while investing in their futures and contributing to the broader community.

Capstone Habits of Excellence

Leave the MTRS walls

Education doesn’t just happen in school, and teachers are not the only people to learn from. Capstone is the time to seek out new sources of knowledge and to put yourself in non-school settings. Everywhere and everyone is an opportunity to learn something new.

Be your own boss

Because Capstone is a class, it comes with some externally set requirements and deadlines, but it’s really important to be able to do these same things for yourself. Students thrive when they are able to set, reset, and revise goals, timelines, and expectations for themselves.



More isn’t always better; you first need to collect a bulk of something, and then assess each thing for quality and relevance before discarding those that don’t make the cut. Vetting means you only end up with the most accurate, important, and helpful resources.

Find it, request it, or make it

Whether it’s advice, feedback, resources, templates, or information - don’t wait for it to be offered to you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask a teacher if they can provide it. Need a resource that doesn’t exist? Make it yourself and share widely!

"Capstone led me to a great epiphany about the rest of my life, and I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to realize that without this project. Kids coming up into senior year should really choose something important to them because it can be very eye opening."