MMCS Beginning Band

Message from Mr. Irwin (Director of Bands Grades 4-12):

On this website you will find information regarding recruitment for beginning band. We will be recruiting in 4th grade this year. Please read through all of the information below (especially the frequently asked questions) and then fill out the Registration Form
by clicking on the link below.

Students in 5th and 6th grade may also join the band program by contacting Mr. Irwin by email at
or by speaking to him in person at school to express an interest.

4th Grade Parents: click on the following link to register your child up for the 2023 Elementary Band Program.

Please fill out the form completely and be sure to submit. A link for instrument rental for students that need an instrument will be provided after the form has been submitted.
Please contact Mr. Irwin with any questions:
(585) 658-3331 x2219


_____ Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below

_____ Complete the Registration Form

_____ Sign up for rental (if needed) using the link provided at the end of the Form

_____ Purchase the appropriate lesson book (even for those NOT renting)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What grade levels can join the band program?

A: This platform is for students that are in grades 4 and 5.
Students that wish to join in grades 6-12 should email or speak with Mr. Irwin.

Q: What does the band do?

A: The band program is a performing arts ensemble. They learn instruments and rehearse for public performances.

Q: Is band safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

A: Mount Morris CSD has faithfully followed the CDC guidance. With the removal of most restrictions over the past year, as a practice, students will only handle their own instruments and staff will follow appropriate sanitary procedures when handling student instruments.

Q: When does band occur?

A: Students meet once a week in a 30 minute rotating pull-out lesson group during the school day
(Wednesday for Grade 4 and Thursday for Grades 5-6)
Students also participate in 2 weekly 30 minute band rehearsals that are scheduled as class periods.
Band lessons and rehearsals do not occur after school and do not require special
transportation outside of the school day.

Q: When will band lessons begin?

A: Lessons usually begin by the end of September or first weeks of October, once instrument rentals and
books have been delivered to the school.
It is very important that parents/guardians register their child for band early so that they
do not miss out on early instruction.

Q: What instruments are available?

A: We offer the following instruments.

(click to see/hear a demonstration of the instrument, provided by The United States Army Field Band)

Q: Why are instruments missing from the list? What about strings, guitar, piano or drum set? Can my child play something that isn't on the list?

A: The band program is made up of concert wind and percussion instruments.
-The instruments listed are a balanced mix of beginning instrument
types that best fit the size of our program .
-Mt. Morris does not have a string orchestra program.
-Rock or jazz band instruments like the guitar, piano or drumset
are reserved for band students in the HS Jazz program.
-If your child is new to Mt. Morris CSD and they have previously learned a
concert band instrument that is not on the list, please email Mr. Irwin


Q: Does the school provide instruments? What if we already have one?

A: -A link for Music & Arts instrument rental company will be provided
at the end of the Registration Form. Parents should follow that link to begin
a rental for the instrument and lesson book that they need. Instruments and books will be delivered
to the school and given to the student at their first lesson.
Families may use any rental company that they choose, but we have our accounts
with Music & Arts and a representative (Chris Roberts) is assigned to us.
Music & Arts Rental Information Site (Please use the link in the Registration Form for rental)
-Students that already have an instrument from the list should bring the instrument
to Mr. Irwin for an inspection to ensure that it works properly.
Students that already have an instrument will still need to purchase
the beginning lesson book for their instrument:

KJOS Standard of Excellence Book 1:
Music & Arts Link
Amazon Link

Q: Can we just buy an instrument?

A: You can purchase a new or used instrument from Music & Arts or any other vendor.
Please be aware that there are instrument makers and sellers that make poor quality products that can't be repaired.
In general, if the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
Feel free to send any links to products that you might be interested in to Mr. Irwin for feedback:

Browsing the instrument brands that are sold by Music & Arts can be helpful in determining
quality brands that a buyer can depend on. If Music & Arts or a comparable company sells the brand,
then it is appropriate.

Q: What is the Liability Damage Waiver in the rental form?

A: Please click the "Why do I need this?" link next to the LDW option to read about it.
It is a type of insurance coverage for repairs, loss and theft while renting. Given the cost of rental, the value
of the instrument and the age of the student, it is often wise to include this coverage.

Q: Why is there a book and a music stand in my online rental order? Do I need these?

A: Each student will need the lesson book and it should remain in the rental order. If you already have a music stand
at home for practice, then the music stand can be unchecked from the order. Every student should have
something to set music on so that they can practice with proper posture and comfort.

Please contact Mr. Irwin with any additional questions:
(585) 658-3331 x2219