CSV Importer

csvImporter lets you automatically import csv files into a Google sheet. If you have legacy programs which regularly generate csv files this add-on allows you to automatically import the data from those files into your sheet. Once the data is in your sheet other scripts and add-ons can use the data. This will prove especially useful if you want to use data from legacy systems to create dashboards in Google Data Studio.

You can set it up to replace the data in the sheet or to add it to the bottom of the sheet. You can setup your import job in a few minutes and after that leave it to run without any intervention from you.

You can install the add-on from this link

The image above shows 4 files being imported but there is no limit to the number of files you can import just add a new row for each file. Please note there is a limit of 2,000,00 in a spreadsheet if you hit that limit further imports will fail.

The settings sheet

Sheet Name column - specify the name of the sheet that you want to import the CSV data into. If the sheet doesn't exist it will be created.

File Name column - specify the name of the csv file to import - the name is case sensitive ad you must include the CSV suffix if it appears in the filename in drive.

Append/Replace column - specify whether to append the data at the bottom of the existing sheet or clear the existing data and replace it with the new data from the file.

Number of rows to skip - specify whether to ignore initial rows (If you are appending data you probably will want to skip the 1st row if it contains headings)

Date Last Imported/Timestamp (in milliseconds) and Time last imported are populated when the files are imported to show you the date/time that the add-on last imported any data.