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In the Berry Lab at Mount Holyoke College, we study non-coding RNAs in bacteria and their protein collaborators.

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Berry Lab Values Statement

updated March 31st, 2022

The Berry Lab is part of Mount Holyoke College, a gender-inclusive women’s college. We are committed to our scientific inquiry into the mechanisms of regulatory RNAs. We are equally committed to the training and support of the next generation of scientists, especially young scientists whose gender identities and race have historically disadvantaged them in scientific careers. In keeping with Mount Holyoke’s broader mission statement, our lab strives to support an “exceptionally diverse and inclusive learning community,” as we aim to be “intellectually adventurous” in contributing new basic scientific knowledge that can support human health, while also preparing students for “thoughtful, effective and purposeful engagement” in the world and the scientific community.

  • We affirm the importance of curiosity-driven science as a counterpart and foundation to application- and therapy-based science.

  • We reject discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nation of origin, socioeconomic status, documentation status, disability, age, or religion.

  • We affirm that Black lives matter.

  • We believe that intelligence and ingenuity are not limited by confidence or physical or mental health. We acknowledge that strong scientists exist across the neurodiversity spectrum and recognize and that members of our community face often-invisible mental health challenges. We strive to support each other where we are.

  • We acknowledge that that systemic discrimination exists in our institutions, and we must work to dismantle it. In the words of the Grassroots Policy Project, “racialized outcomes do not require racist actors.” Nor do the impacts of gender discrimination require individual sexist actors.

  • We recognize that our identities are intersectional, and groups historically marginalized along multiple axes of identity often experience amplified discrimination and injustice.

  • We are stronger for our diversity. We, the Berry Lab, are not diverse enough.

  • When people enter our spaces, they have a right to be safe and a right to be seen. They also have a responsibility to create a safe space for others. We encourage all members of the lab and occupants of our spaces to speak up, and to join us in these conversations.

  • We know that our work in combating racism and discrimination is a work in progress. We commit to engaging in conversation, to hearing each other’s voices, and to holding each other accountable to do better.