All Campus Elections

All- Campus Elections is the name that was created to describe the process combining Student Government Association's elections with the four Class Boards' elections. All-Campus Elections first occurred in Spring 2005.

Who votes?

All students are members of a Class Year, designated by the Registrar's Office. All students can vote for their respective Class Board positions. Frances Perkins students should vote for the class they are classified under. Students on non-academic, medical, study abroad, or domestic exchange programs are eligible to vote. Students on judicial leave are not eligible to vote.

Who is elected during Spring 2019 Elections?

  • Class 2019 Young Alumni Trustee (2)
  • Class 2019 Co- Scribes (2)
  • Class 2019 Web Coordinator
  • Class 2019 Commencement and Baccalaureate Poem and Speeches
  • All positions on the Class of 2020 board
  • All positions of the Class of 2021 board
  • All positions of the Class of 2022 board
  • 6 of the 9 Student Government Associations Executive Board Positions
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Public Relations Officer
      • Chair of Committees

Who is elected during Fall 2019 Elections?

  • All positions of the Class of 2023 board
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • 2 Social Chairs
    • Class Senator