Resuming In-Person Training

Frequently Asked Questions


Which MTCs will resume onsite training and when?

MTCs will be approved to participate in on-site training when local COVID-19 conditions meet safety and health criteria. The most current status for all MTCs is shown below:

MTCs resuming some on-site training the week of June 21st:

Provo MTC

Ghana MTC

New Zealand MTC

We do not know at this point when other MTCs will be approved to resume on-site training.

Who will get to go?

Those who meet current criteria will be able to participate in on-site training. All others will receive training online as previously communicated. These criteria will be updated as COVID conditions change. The most current criteria are listed below.

Criteria for In-Person Training


  • Current residents of the United States

  • Not assigned to learn a new language

  • Full COVID vaccination regimen and required waiting period recorded in Missionary Portal


  • English-speaking residents of African nations who do not need a visa to enter Ghana

  • Not assigned to learn a new language

  • Negative COVID test within 3 days prior to their arrival date

New Zealand

  • Current residents of New Zealand and Australia

  • Not assigned to learn a new language

  • Negative COVID test within 3 days prior to their arrival date if traveling from Australia

How will I know if I get to go?

Eligible missionaries and their Stake Presidents will be contacted at least three weeks prior to the missionary’s start date. Missionaries should check their email address and any personal email address they listed on their missionary application. Missionaries can learn how to log into their email account with instructions found at

Because Provo MTC currently requires missionaries to report COVID vaccination several weeks before arrival in order to attend in-person training, the MTC will email each missionary once the vaccination reporting deadline has been reached to confirm what training experience to expect.

Unless you are contacted approximately three weeks or more before your training start date, you can expect to receive training online as previously communicated.

If I am eligible for in-person training, will I do all of my training at the MTC?

Most new missionaries who meet criteria to train on-site at an MTC will begin their training online and then move to an MTC for the remainder of their training.

Current Status:

African missionaries who meet criteria to receive on-site training at the Ghana MTC will receive all three weeks of training at the Ghana MTC.

If I am eligible for in-person training, will my start date change?

If you will be starting your training online before coming to the MTC (see the question above), your start date will move to the Monday before your current start date. You will be notified by email of the specific date.

How will I get to the MTC?

This depends on your MTC.

Ghana, New Zealand:

Missionaries who live beyond typical driving distance from their assigned MTC will receive travel instructions from Missionary Travel approximately two weeks prior to their travel date.


Unless you request travel arrangements through the Missionary Travel section of Missionary Portal, Missionary Travel will assume you are making your own arrangements to get to the MTC.

When do I travel to the MTC?

The online portion of training starts on a Monday and concludes after classes on the following Monday. Travel to the MTC should be planned for Tuesday or later, depending on where you are traveling from and your MTC's scheduled arrival day and time. Each MTC sets its own arrival times, but other questions about travel to the MTC can be directed to

Should I proceed with visa/passport preparations in case my MTC opens up?

Please follow all instructions you receive from Missionary Travel related to passport and visa applications. If you only need a passport to attend your assigned MTC you will need to decide whether the chance to attend that MTC justifies the cost and effort to apply for a passport. We do not yet know when other MTCs will resume in-person training.

Provo MTC Only

How do I meet the vaccination requirement for the Provo MTC?

Receive a full vaccination and record the date(s) in the immunization section of the Missionary Portal at at least three weeks before your original start date. A full vaccination could be one or two shots depending on the type of vaccination received.

If your final vaccination appointment is scheduled for after the deadline but at least two weeks before you travel to the MTC, you can still be scheduled for in-person training if you provide us confirmation of your scheduled vaccination by the three week deadline.

Vaccinations (or final dose appointments) not reported by the three week deadline will prevent us from scheduling you for on-site training.

Why does the Provo MTC require vaccination?

The vaccination requirement is a temporary precaution that allows the Provo MTC to safely begin on-site training earlier than it could otherwise. When conditions have improved sufficiently, vaccination will not be a requirement for in-person training.

Those who otherwise would be eligible for in-person training but choose not to receive a COVID vaccination, or cannot receive it in time, will participate in a full, online training experience. Since the spring of 2020, we have seen this online experience be a powerful preparation for missionaries, especially in an era when the work requires most missionaries to learn to use technology to effectively connect with people and help them come unto Christ.

What time should I plan to arrive at the Provo MTC?

Missionaries usually should arrive at the MTC between 12:30 and 2:00 pm on their arrival day. A more specific time will be provided during the online training week, but it will be within that 90 minute block.

What time should I keep open to meet the Provo MTC President on my first Sunday of online training?

The one hour "Come and See" Welcome Devotional will start at 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time. Please invite any family members in your home to reserve this time, too, so they can participate with you.