Michigan SFI Logger Training Instructions

Welcome to Michigan's Online SFI training 2.0

We have pulled together content to form two course options for your training. The options include a training that is 4 hours in length and another that is 8 hours worth of training. You first need to decide what training level you need for this year. We have streamlined the process of watching the videos and taking the quizzes but you cannot switch between 4 and 8 hr courses!

Make sure to read all the instructions associated with each of the Step 1,2,3... headings! Scroll Down!

A few big announcements you will want to note:

  • You need to only use 1 device and 1 browser for the entire course.

  • You can start and stop and then restart at the beginning of the module segment you left off on as long as you use the same device and browser (example - office desktop and google Chrome browser).

  • Do not Use Windows Explorer (does not work with D2L Courses).

  • We have embedded the Quizzes making it much more streamlined and Easier to use (passing grade is 80%).

  • When you submit a quiz and get a grade you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the grade to register in the gradebook.

    • 8 hr course users need to wait 10-15 minutes, and the second 4 hrs of training will appear as active in the table of contents.

  • After passing grades are registered we automatically get an email notification

  • In the Awards tab you can download your completion certificate.

  • For Technical Help please contact the Michigan State University Discovery Services Help Desk at 800- 500-1554 or 517-353-8700, by email reachout@msu.edu, on via website: https://lib.msu.edu/dls/. (You must tell the help desk what state you are from so they help you enroll in the correct course (Michigan, GA, etc.). Their hours are from 7am-12am on Monday through Friday and 10am-12am on Saturday/Sunday.

Step 1. Create Your Account

Create your Michigan State University Guest Account by following the instructions on this website: MSU Guest Account Creation Page. For detailed, step-by-step instructions visit the following page: Create Your Account. If you already have an MSU Guest Account from a previous course skip to Step 2. You will use your Guest Account to register for the course and to login to the course so make sure to remember your password!

Please note: After you create your account a new window will open and this is where you will get sidetracked. Even though you have created an account you will still need to register for the course. Close the new window and move on to Step 2 (below).

Step 2. Select the 4- or 8-Hour Course

As mentioned above, you can choose to take the 4 hour or the 8 hour course. Make your decision based on the amount of training you need for this year. Below are registration instructions for each course. You will need to login with your email address and password that you used to create your account in order to register - see the screen capture below for more details.

Step 3. Login to D2L and Click on Content Tab
(same instructions for 4 and 8 hour course)

To login to D2L (the platform for the online course)

  1. Go to https://d2l.msu.edu/

  2. In the NetID field enter your Guest Account (your email address)

  3. Enter your password

  4. You will be logged into D2L - click on the course title to get started

  5. Once you are in the course select the Content tab as shown below

Step 4. Click on the Michigan 4hr Start Here Button

Step 5. Click on Play Video
(Start watching, follow instructions on the screen, DO NOT Stop and leave mid-end of the video or you will have to rewatch from the beginning of that individual video!)

Step 6. If you Stop and Restart This is What You Will See
(Select Yes to begin where you left off.)

Step 7. Take the Quizzes

Step 8. Review Grade and Hit Submit

Step 9. Wait 10-15 minutes
You can check your grade in the Grades area shown below.

Step 10. The 4 hr course is done at this point. If you are taking the 8 hour course wait 15 minutes and you will see the second module shown below.

Step 11. 8 Hour participants should follow the same sequence starting at step 4 to start the 2nd video series.