About Me

I am a third year dual PhD candidate in Astrophysics and High Performance Computing. I work with Sean Couch, simulating the gravitational wave (GW) emission from stellar explosions, or supernovae, as a means to better understand the physics inside of massive stars right before their deaths. Likewise, I am currently working with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration as well as acting as a software developer for the Exascale Computing Project.

I consider myself a science communicator and believe that being a responsible researcher is communicating your new ideas to those of every background and education level, as much as it is making new discoveries. I recently gave a TEDx talk about the connection between cosmos and the human condition (take a look on the right).

If you're a scientist interested in my current and past work, I direct you to the 'Research for Scientists' tab; if you're a member of the public who is just curious what some of my work is and why it matters, check out the 'Research for the Public' tab.