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Latin American Food Trends

This article shares advertises a program by National Geographic about the Latin influence on the American diet and the American influence on the Latin diet.

This article shares studies about the food preferences of Hispanics from various countries of origins living in the United States.

Analysis of Findings

I naturally chose my corpus to focus on my favorite thing: food. I chose this topic because every year we try to refine our food unit but every year we do not quite get the impression we want to of what exactly his "hispanic food." Of course some of the most common phrases in the corpus were "hispanic food," "latin food," "in the world," etc. Some frequent words in the corpus were "population," "countries," and "corn."

I was actually surprised that "corn" came up as one of the most frequent words, beating rice, bean, or other foods. However, this would make me want to spend some time talking about elote, a popular corn street food of Central America. After spending about two days focusing on these activities I would present the students with the reading and gloss over the less frequent words such as "compressed" or "attracting."

What was most interesting/somewhat annoying to me was how the word frequently "alimentos" was used in the corpus. It beat "comida" even. "Alimentos" is nourishment, basically used as a fancier word for food or "comida." In my experience, this word is rarely used in this way. It appears in the culinary world, at least in writing, it is over represented. For my class I would use the word comida and then before the reading tell the students alimento and comida are basically the same thing. In this way the students are getting more practiced with the most used word but are also receiving input of richer language.