We are looking to grow, if you are at MSU and interested in joining the group please contact me. If you are interested in applying to CMSE please see our graduate program webpage and get in contact with me through e-mail.

Daniel Appelö (CV Nov 2022)

Zhichao Peng, Postdoc 2020-

Yann-Meing Law, Postdoc 2021-

Amit Rotem, PhD MSU 2025-ish

Spencer Lee, PhD MSU 2025-ish


Allen Alvarez Loya, PhD CU Boulder 2022, High-Order Methods for Wave Phenomena. First position after graduation: NSF Postdoc at Los Alamos.

Fortino Garcia, PhD CU Boulder 2021, Numerical Methods for Wave Phenomena. First position after graduation: NSF Postdoc at NYU.

Oleksii Beznosov, PhD UNM 2020, From Wave Propagation to Spin Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Aspects. First position after graduation: Postdoc at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNM.

Adeline Kornelus, PhD UNM 2017, High Order Hermite and discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic Problems.

First position after graduation: postdoc at Arizona State University.

Juan Pablo Madrigal Cianci, MS UNM 2017, Deterministic and Probabilistic Methods for Seismic Source Inversion.

First position after graduation: PhD student at EPFL.

Siyang Wang, Visitor 2017.

Now Lektor at Umeå Univerity in Sweden.

Kristoffer Virta, Visitor 2015 & 2016.

Now ultra athlete and number theorist.

Evan Dye, MS UNM 2014, Performance Analysis and Optimization of Hermite Methods on NVIDIA GPUs Using CUDA.

First position after graduation: Research Engineer at University of New Mexico.

Xi (Ronald) Chen, PhD UNM 2012, Numerical and Analytical Studies of Electromagnetic Waves: Hermite Methods, Supercontinuum Generation, and Multiple Poles in the SEM.

First position after graduation: Postdoc at University of Arizona. Now Research Engineer at HyPerComp Inc.