Creative Toolkit

What is Creativity ?

Definition :

A true expression of one's inner-self through multiple forms and representations


  • The preconceived notion of creativity can be manipulated
  • Creativity is based off of connections (interpersonal and abstract, multiple disciplines etc.)

When we create, we are:

  • Looking outward for inspiration
  • Remembering our natural & innate ability to create
  • Using all our senses to explore

Cognitive Tools that 'SPARK' Creativity

Perceiving: Describing a situation with all your senses

Patterning: Can be exercised through play and exploration. It is a way to recognize, predict and expect certain outcomes.

Playing: to tinker, create, develop or re(develop) and design or re(design) objects, tools etc without any specific worry of an objective or outcome.

Abstracting: observing the essence of an object, place or thing, in hopes to reveal new findings, connections or characteristics based on the more simplified representation

Modeling: the ability to use multi-dimensional thinking to convey a concept in a different form than what it is originally introduced in.

What are some activities/ways that you encourage creative thinking in your class using these cognitive tools?

Activities to help encourage creativity in the classroom

Embodied Thinking

Have your students use their bodies to represent their thinking or understanding of a particular topic.

Variations on a Theme

Have your students represent a particular concept using different disciplines to create a new representation of their learning .

What are some activities that you can think of that help encourage creative in your classroom ?

Create a Space that allows creativity to flourish!

Ensure that the learning environment is able to encourage the creative process. This can be conceived in a myriad of ways. One way, however, is to have the tools for creativity readily available at your students disposal. What tools does your classroom need in order to help encourage creative thinking? How can you make these tools available to your students? How can you foster and encourage an environment in which students are comfortable expressing their creative ideas?

Re-design your classroom that now fosters a creative thinker !