3D Printing

The Missouri S&T Makerspace is proud to offer 3D printing services to the Rolla community! Below you will find a brief outline of the options available to customers, a list of our 3D printers, and how to submit a print request!

How To Submit a Print Request

Fill out the simple form below (preferable)


Email your Name, .STL file, and any comments/questions to stmakerspace@mst.edu.

Print Options Available to Customers

  • Infill percentage
    • How hollow or full your print will be.
    • Higher infill uses more material and is more expensive but is stronger
    • Most general models are good around 25% but structural parts are best printed around the 65%-80%
  • Detail (Layer Height)
    • Higher detail may cost more due to the prints taking longer
    • 0.1 mm is very high detail and .25 is very low detail
  • Shells (Wall Thickness)
    • Similar to infill, controls the thickness of the outer layers of the print.
  • Colors
    • We have the following colors usually in stock. (feel free to come in and check them out in person)
      • Blue
      • Green
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • White
      • Black
    • We may have other colors at different times, feel free to stop by and see what we have.
  • Materials
    • Most prints will be made of PLA
    • If you would like a specific material make a comment or come talk to us
  • SLA Printing (Resin)
    • Our Form 2 Printer is a resin printer. It can achieve high levels of detail but at a higher cost
    • If you would like your print to be done on it, make a comment or come talk to us for more info
  • Our 3D Printers:
  • You can view live printer feeds here.