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This page provides a quick reference and links to various learning resources from Skills Future Singapore, Workforce Singapore, Workfare Singapore, SENSE and other government agencies. This means you can save time on searching for guide online.

The resources could be useful to keen learners like yourself. These include different types of training grants, FAQs, terms and conditions, training administration, useful forms and related teaching and learning links and tools that could be used straight away. We aim is to keep adding useful resources to this page and make it easily accessible by clicking on the relevant tabs.

Do SHARE with us on any useful resources you may be discovered, and we will transfer the information via this page.

Useful News Articles

29 November 2018

Click here to read more on Enhancements to SkillsFuture Fraud Risk Management

Click here for further details on our training calendar.

Credit from: SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG)

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