Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning and what are some of the benefits?

How and when will eLearning days be used in the district?

How will students make up the learning time on eLearning days?

Will staff and students have devices to utilize for eLearning Days?

Will students need and have access to the Internet?

How will teachers be contacted during eLearning to support student learning?

What is the timeline for teachers to assign work on an eLearning day?

The following timeline is in accordance with IDOE guidelines:

What will be the student workload expectation for eLearning? 

Student “workload” is determined by a student’s grade level.  Teachers strive to take into consideration the amount of time it may take for a student to review any eLearning day instruction and complete the assignments.  

What is the timeline for students to submit completed work?

IMPORTANT: The three (3) day window only counts school days. Weekends and holidays are excluded from the eLearning window.

What should a student do if technology is not working for them on an eLearning day?

What if my student receives accommodations?

Will eLearning assignments be graded?

How does eLearning account for attendance?

Has Washington Township established a maximum number of eLearning days? 

What guidance will parents receive about how to support their children during eLearning events?

Will adult supervision be required for eLearning experiences?

How will eLearning days impact after school activities?  

Will AYS (At Your School) be open on eLearning days?

Additional FAQ for Washington Township Teachers

Do I have to use Canvas for eLearning Days?

What grade levels must use Canvas for the eLearning Day?

How much content do I need to plan?

Am I required to be available on planned, asynchronous eLearning Days to answer questions?  How long?

What happens if I am absent on an unplanned or planned eLearning Day?

What happens if we have an extended school closure?