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MSD of Martinsville High Ability Program

The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville’s Enrichment Program is geared at providing special curricular challenges and activities for the high ability and high achieving students at all of the district’s schools. The program coordinators submitted a grant to the State of Indiana, and the State funds received from that grant help provide for the District’s Enrichment Program to function. The grant helps to fund materials and opportunities for high ability students. Each school’s Enrichment Program will be set up differently. Parent permission is required in order for each child to participate in the Enrichment Program; there is a Parent Permission Form that is distributed, completed by parent and returned to the child’s school. Through the Enrichment Program students are engaged by the activities, this one-two hour per week opportunity is not inclusive of the district’s curriculum that is in place at each school to challenge the high achieving and high ability students. Other services and programs are offered at each of the district’s schools.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville’s High Ability program is to provide accelerated and enriched learning experiences to all students in grades K-12 for students in all socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, if they are found to perform at, or demonstrate an exceptional level of learning ability in language arts and/or math. Our goal is to challenge and inspire high ability students through rich experiences, empowering them to achieve success. Please enjoy some pictures and/or videos that highlight some experiences that our high ability students have throughout the year.