Alfred Vail School Specialist News

Physical Education

After finishing our rope climbing unit we are set to begin learning our floor hockey skills. The kindergarten will focus on proper stick holding along with passing. The first grade will focus on passing, dribbling, and shooting. The second grade will be using the skills learned in kindergarten and first grade to play small sided games with their classmates.

Mr. Sparano


Kindergarten classes are finishing up their self portraits and will be starting a Van Gogh inspired still-life of a vase and flowers. The K/1 class is working on their patterned snow project as well as learning about symmetry. First grade classes are finishing up their snowmen projects and will shorty begin their Monet inspired waterlily paper sculptures. Second grade classes have begun their sundae clay sculptures and are learning about form and tint.

Mrs. Levine

Media Center

We have begun an author study unit in the media center. This involves reading multiple titles by the same author to reinforce a variety of literacy skills and using technology to conduct research.

Kindergarten students are exploring stories by Bill Martin Jr. First grade is focusing on Eric Carle and 2nd grade is studying Tomie dePaola.

They've learned about the types of information available on websites and how authors generate ideas for writing. Links to resources are posted on Clever on my teacher page..

Happy Reading!

Ms. Camacho


Our Kindergarten has been exploring forces including pushes, pulls, and the effects of gravity. In January they will explore the force of magnetism. This is a truly fascinating topic for the children and will likely lead to questions and exploration outside of school.

In first grade, our study of light is transitioning into a study of sound waves. They will explore vibration, volume, and pitch.

The second grade is studying the properties and states of matter. Ask them about our drop of water on wax paper experiment - it was absolutely amazing!

Alfred Vail Science Site

Mr. Parrillo


The short month of February introduces the Blues to 2nd Graders in celebration of Black History month, spotlights the Strings Section of the Orchestra for 1st Graders as they continue to explore the world of music instruments, and expands the ensemble performance experience for Kindergarteners as they learn how to keep a steady beat and follow a conductor while playing percussion instruments. Of course, you can still expect lots of singing, working toward the goal of reading musical notation, and learning something new each time in Music Class.

Mr. Urgino


Kindergarten ESL students are studying eating, food, and mealtime by learning about things found in the kitchen that are used to cook, eat, and clean. In their next unit, students will build an understanding of animals by learning about insects, pets, zoo animals, and farm animals.

First graders have just finished a unit about the weather. The learned about different weather conditions and what we wear to protect ourselves from the weather. Next they will be learning about animals and their habitats and homes.

Second graders are finishing up a unit about the water cycle, in which they learned about water use and water conservation. In the upcoming unit, Disaster Alert!, second graders will be introduced to concepts and vocabulary related to extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. Students will learn how people prepare for and respond to these disasters.

Mrs. Fraebel