Alfred Vail School Specialist News

Physical Education

After the first month of school our students have done a wonderful job remembering the rules and routines of the gym. Starting at the beginning of this month we will begin our soccer skills. The goal is to use the new skills in lead up activities as well as small sided games.

Mr. Sparano


During the first month of school, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders began their art education by learning about lines and shapes. Kindergarten classes began sketching their jellyfish, 1st graders began drawing their lions, and 2nd graders began learning about symmetry while creating their butterflies/dragonflies. The next step, after finishing up the drawing portion, is to begin learning more about color and how to achieve different values of color.

Mrs. Levine

Media Center

Gear up for the Morristown Festival of Books by checking out new titles by Kwame Alexander, Ame Dyckman and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen. They will be on display in the media center by mid month and available for checkout. You can even meet some of your favorite authors at the annual event on October 12. For more information and schedules, visit

Mrs. Camacho-Ramundo


Kindergarten has wrapped up a study of buoyancy which included building and testing foil boats. They will now study how wind can affect objects. They will design and test sails to harness the power of the wind.

1st graders are learning about the birds and the bees. Don't panic! We are studying flowers and pollination.

2nd graders have been designing structures and will soon apply that knowledge to bridge design.

Quite often during science we supplement our activities with reading and research. Here are two websites we use frequently. Follow the links below as these are paid sites and this will allow you direct access without needing log in credentials.

Mr. Parrillo


Music at all grade levels is going full swing at Alfred Vail. Kindergarteners are being introduced to several new concepts, including steady beat and personal space, while 1st Graders are beginning to recognize musical instruments based on how they sound. 2nd Graders have picked up where they left off from last year in their aural recognition of instruments from every section of the orchestra, as well as learning new musical forms. Autumn is an exciting time for the children with fresh opportunities to experience music in new ways. This includes preparing for our upcoming Winter Holiday Concerts, so stay tuned!

Mr. Urgino


Kindergarten and first grade ESL students are learning what we see and do at school. They have been introduced to school vocabulary through engaging songs and activities. As we move into the second month of school, Kindergarteners will begin learning to express their feelings, while first graders will explore the five senses. Second grade students kicked off the year by exploring how families are alike and different. Beginning in October they will take a virtual tour of the United States, learning about the various regions and their differences.

Mrs. Fraebel