5th Grade

Welcome 5th grade

We hope to make this year of school your best year ever! Mrs. Hesker and Mr. Duncan are a super team and we are going to learn a lot and have lots of fun this school year. Our job is to make sure we turn you into lifelong learners and innovators with a passion for learning new things and also to prepare you for middle school. Teamwork makes the dream work, and we will all get there together!

2020-2021 5th Grade Open House iMovie.mov

classroom handbook

Here is our classroom handbook. Highlighted items are for in-person learning and will be updated as we continue to adapt to the current situation. Classroom expectations, procedures, and routines as will also be updated as we move to in-person learning.

remote learning schedule

Our day begins at 9:00AM and students will work asynchronously (on their own) from 9 - 11:30. Live instruction begins at 12:00PM and ends at 2:30 each day. BE ON TIME! Mrs. Hesker's homeroom will begin their live session time each day with ELA while Mr. Duncan's homeroom will begin theirs with Math. We will "switch classes" by joining the other Zoom session at 1:15. Students may click on the links on the schedule to join their Zoom sessions. ONLY students will be allowed in the Zoom sessions and into our live instruction. We understand that everyone has a different situation at home, but this our suggested schedule for our 5th graders. Please tailor the asynchronous time it to fit your family's schedule, if necessary. ALL parent communication to teachers must be via email, phone call, or SCHEDULED virtual meetings.

Remote Schedule for Clever

zoom expectations

  • KEEP A ROUTINE! Get up everyday at the same time like you would any school day and be sure you have already had breakfast, are dressed appropriately for school, and ready to go
  • Arrive at your Zoom class period on time!
  • BE CONSISTENT! Set up a work area (not a bed) where you will meet us each day to work
  • Find an area free of distractions or create your own classroom with a tri-fold like the one shared in our classroom handbook. Have some fun with it and be sure your workspace has all of the materials you need
  • Eating is NOT allowed during class
  • NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES BESIDES YOUR CHROMEBOOK! Phones, televisions, music, and other distractions must be off so we may respect our time together during live sessions

remote set up ideas

These optional portable classrooms are a fun way for your student to design and personalize their own workspace. They can be easily stored away for the next day. PLEASE place all classroom materials, folders, backpacks, etc in the same place every day after school. This will be like your locker at home! It will help prevent you from losing your work and make sure we always have all materials and come prepared for class.

We do have very different expectations than 4th grade because our #1 job this year is to prepare you for middle school!!

Materials: 1) tri-fold 2) calendar/schedule 3) wall hang clips 4) school supplies (pencils, paper, learning kit sent home from school ) 5) plastic supply holder/caddy 6) binder clips 7) clipboard 8) pencil pouch 9) HEADPHONES to block out distractions 10) plastic slips