After leaving Mascoutah for several years, Ms. Heffernan (much like Lebron James) returned to her hometown to bring them the Championship (by teaching science). However, she has no intention of moving to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

She now lives in Belleville with her partner (Ed) and chubby black cat (Salem). In her spare time, Ms. Heffernan likes to eat snacks and watch The Golden Girls. She is very cool.

Education Experience

  • Mascoutah High School, '08
  • University of Illinois, Bachelors in Biology, '13
  • Western Governors University, Masters in Learning and Technology, '18

I'm pleased to answer any questions you have about the Mascoutah High School Experience, going away to a large university, or venturing into online education.

Class Information

Current Schedule

1st Hour B (8:20-8:40)--Principles of Biomedical Science

2nd Hour B (9:00-9:20)--Principles of Biomedical Science

3rd Hour--PREP

4th Hour B (10:20-10:40)--FMP

5th Hour B (11:00-11:20)--Principles of Biomedical Science

6th Hour B (11:40-12:00)--Chemistry

7th Hour B (12:20-12:40)--Honors Biology

Essential Information for e-Learning

Guide to e-Learning


Beta Club

I co-sponsor the Beta Club with Mrs. Heard. Beta Club is a service organization with an emphasis on academic excellence. Prospective members must apply for membership at the beginning of the school year. To maintain membership, club members must keep at least a 3.2 GPA and complete 20 hours of service each year. Some annual Beta Club service projects include the Fall Blood Drive, Native American Toy Drive, Santa Breakfast, and Peer Tutoring. Beta members also attend a formal induction ceremony and have the opportunity to attend state and national conventions. For questions about Beta, contact Ms. Heffernan and Mrs. Heard, or visit the National Beta Club Website.

Book Club

Book Club is an informal social club for students who love to read. There is no assigned reading. Instead, we pick a genre or theme for each monthly meeting and students share and discuss their favorite books from that genre. Read something good recently, but it doesn't fit the theme? That's fine too! It's a very laid-back club where readers can connect and share with one another. Also, I usually provide cookies! Have questions about Book Club? Contact Ms. Heffernan.

Previous Classes

I have previously taught Anatomy, Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry II, Integrated Science, Life Science, Physics, and Physical Science. Therefore, if it's your science homework, I can probably help you with it. I'm available before and after school most days if you need any assistance.

Updated 8/14/2020