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MSD19 Update (01/12/2022)

Dear Mascoutah Families and Faculty & Staff,

Last night, as expected, Illinois moved forward with implementing the new CDC recommendations that chiefly set new quarantine and isolation guidelines. To learn more about the shortened quarantine and isolation guidelines, please visit our Quarantine & Isolation Update (01/12/2022) document.

Modified Schedule Continues Through (01/21/2022)

We will continue with our current modified schedule through at least Friday of next week (01/21/2022). Our hope is that this will allow more time for our teachers and other service providers to work with students who are currently absent from school.

We plan to provide our weekly update next week, Thursday or Friday, at which time we will announce the schedule for the week of January. 24-28.

Thank you once again for your patience in this matter.

Craig A. Fiegel, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Mascoutah School District #19

MSD19 Update (01/11/2022)

Good afternoon, Mascoutah Families and Faculty & Staff,

I want to keep everyone updated about new COVID-19 guidelines. Unfortunately at this time I am still awaiting updates from the state.

On January 4, 2022, the CDC issued updated isolation and quarantine guidance for the general public which shortened isolation and quarantine periods. On January 6, 2022, the CDC issued updated guidance specifically for schools, which also shortened the required quarantine periods.

However, before we moved forward with revising student guidelines, we were told to pause as these have not been officially adopted. While we believe the IDPH and ISBE will adopt the CDC’s shorter quarantine and isolation periods, they have not done so at this time. The Regional Office of Education and our attorneys have advised that until this new guidance is fully adopted, we are still operating under the current school guidance and rules.

We will provide updates when the newest guidance has been approved by the state.

Craig A. Fiegel, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Mascoutah School District #19