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Hearing Impaired Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Instruction

Through direct service or related service I meet the needs of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in MSD 19. I serve students in all district buildings from preschool to high school. All services are individualized and needs are met through the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In our district we have students who use Total Communication, a combination of oral language and sign language. We also have students who are oral students and only use oral and auditory communication.

Direct Service:

This service is for students who need individualized instruction in areas such as language arts, reading or math. The student is pulled from the general education class and receives instruction from the DHH teacher based on the student’s current reading, language or math level. As much of the general education curriculum that can be used in instruction is used with the students. Modifications are made when needed.

Related Service:

This service is for students who can be mainstreamed into general education or special education, but they may require some additional support in areas. This service will assist in any learning areas and subjects needed. The students may receive additional reading, language or math instruction, enrichment of materials taught in class, or re-teaching of material. These students also work on listening and speech reading skills.

Consultation Service:

This service is for students who are mainstreamed into the general education or special education classrooms. They are successful with the curriculum, but have accommodations in place for their learning. These students do not require additional service minutes from the DHH instructor, but the instructor keeps regular contact with the teachers and therapists to assist with needed accommodations or modifications to meet the needs of the student or to overcome the hearing impairment in the classroom. Some examples would be working with a teacher so the Hearing Impaired student is placed in the best location during a mock debate so the student can access sound from all areas, have clear view of the speakers for speech reading purposes, and have appropriate amplification in place if needed. Consultation services also include working with a teacher to learn sign language needed to communicate with a student.

Equipment Maintenance:

It is my duty to help the students at MSD 19 maintain their hearing equipment. We have students here at MSD 19 with hearing aids and cochlear implants. I am able to troubleshoot simple issues with the equipment during the school day. I always have extra batteries if a student runs out. I also have extra tubing and other accessories for hearing aids when needed to make a fix. I am able to listen to implants and hearing aids if a student states something “sounds” weird. I regularly communicate with the audiologist from BASSC for additional troubleshooting assistance. There are open lines of communication between our school and the student’s hearing aid or cochlear implant teams. Some of our students utilized a personal FM system that helps them in the classroom with sound detection, discrimination and clarity.


Hello! I am Mrs. Wetzler and I serve the deaf and hard of hearing students within the Mascoutah School District. I have teaching deaf and hard of hearing students for 21 years.

I look forward to working with you this school year!

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