Brenda Cook


Class INformation

Welcome to Sra. Cook's Spanish Class Website.

On my site you will find general information such as the classroom calendar, syllabus, rules and expectations, etc. You will also find separate pages for any worksheets passed out in class, keys for things like notes and worksheets, and videos for extra help. I think by posting these on separate pages will help keep things organized for you. On each page the most recent chapter will be located on the top.

If there is anything not included here that you think would be helpful please let me know!

I am one of four Spanish teachers at Mascoutah High School. Through our Spanish class, students will learn to communicate more freely and creatively in the Spanish language. They will study the history and culture of various regions to better make connections within the culture of the Spanish-speaking world and the United States. By the end of the course, students will have learned to use Spanish to understand and communicate in many authentic situations and will be better equipped to function in today's global society.

We have a Google Classroom available for students to find materials digitally, ask questions, and turn in work. I also have a website that allows both students and parents access to all work that is handed out to students.


My name is Brenda Cook. I live in Belleville with my husband, Kenny. My two sons and their families live in St. Louis so you will probably hear about them some this year.

I am from Texas originally and began learning the Spanish language at a very early age. I studied it throughout my high school and college years, and continue to be intrigued by the culture and people who speak this fascinating language. I graduated with a Spanish degree from NSU in Oklahoma and received my Master’s degree from SIUE in Edwardsville. I have taught Spanish for 32 years and still enjoy sharing my knowledge with my students each year. Now, I also teach English as a Second Language at SWIC at night and love that new challenge.